Long-Distance Relationships are Doable during COVID-19

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By Allison Schroeder
Web Content Contributor

Long-distance relationships are often seen as taboo and written off as something that isn’t doable, especially in college, but they are.  In the times of  COVID-19, long-distance relationships are becoming more prominent and challenging due to the fears and risks of traveling during a pandemic. 

As a former military child, I have always known of long-distance relationships.  I moved around every three or four years and would leave behind friends and family, not knowing exactly when I would next see them again. 

A little over a year and a half ago when I started college, I moved back home to Texas and left behind my friends and my boyfriend who were all going to school in different places.  It was a difficult transition at first, but I started using almost every resource available to keep my friendships and my relationship going. 

While many may be just starting to navigate a long-distance relationship, I believe it is important to recognize what it takes to keep your long-distance relationship going. 

  1. Communicate

Communication is the most important thing in a relationship, but it is even more important in a long-distance relationship. Whether you communicate by texting often, a phone call when you have a few minutes free or even facetime/video calling before bed, it is important to maintain your ability to talk to each other frequently. 

A product you can use to help communicate in your relationship is the Lovebox! It helps you keep in touch with your significant other, your family and friends by sending messages and pictures that help make someone feel special.

2. Be understanding and make time for each other

Timing can be difficult in a relationship, especially in a long-distance relationship, so make sure you set enough time aside to be there for your loved one because several minutes on a busy day makes a difference in your relationship.

3. Do something together

Plan a movie night by watching a movie through Netflix Party or Disney+ Group Watch. Other options include eating a meal together, playing a game together online, like Among Us, or have a deep talk about where you see your relationship going to build a closer bond.

4. Send care packages or a letter

If you’re able, sending a care package or letter to your loved one will make them feel appreciated and noticed. Whether you show you care by sending their favorite snacks, a small trinket that made you think of your significant other, or a thoughtful letter, it will make a difference.

5. Have friends outside of your significant other

It is vital to make sure you have friends where you live to have your social needs met. Having only your significant other who is miles away will leave your social needs lacking.

Featured image by Allison Schroeder.

Written by: ktsw899

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  1. bluecat57 on February 13, 2021

    Ninja Deals has been highlighting connected toys that make this possible.
    Really bad BlueCat.

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