Album art of "CTRL" with SZA in a field of busted computers and greenery, bathing in the sunlit.

Jennifer’s Personal Black History Month Rotation

By Jennifer Romero
Music Journalist

In honor of Black History Month, I would like to share some artists I have been listening to! As of February, my music ranges from R&B to Rap. Although some of these artists have gained mainstream attention, I still think they are worth checking out. 

SZA’s full album CTRL
  1. SZA

I have been obsessed with SZA since the release of “CTRL.” “CTRL” is SZA’s debut album released in 2017. During the release, I was graduating from high school and preparing to move for college. This was a huge transition in my life and “CTRL” helped me through it.

“CTRL” is a vulnerable work of art. SZA talks about womanhood and insecurities with identity. To me, the album greatly influenced my confidence and assured me that who I am is enough. My absolute favorites from this album are: “Drew Barrymore,” “Normal Girl” and “Garden (Say It Like Dat).”

Brent Faiyaz’s “F*** The World” original video.

2. Brent Faiyaz 

My first year of college in 2017 I randomly stumbled upon Faiyaz’s music. I first heard a few songs from “Sonder Son” and was captivated by Faiyaz’s voice. He has warm vocals that compliment well with his instrumentals.

In 2020 Faiyaz released “F*** The World” which demonstrated just how big his name could be. Although I really enjoyed “Sonder Son,” “F*** The World” feels more cohesive, like Faiyaz truly found his voice. If you like something that makes you feel like you are on top, yet easygoing, this album is something you might enjoy. Some songs I recommend are: “Clouded,” “Been Away,” “Lost Kids Get Money,” and “Talk 2 U.”

Baby Keem’s “ORANGE SODA” original video.

3. Baby Keem 

Thanks to my daily mix on Spotify, I got introduced to Baby Keem. The first song I heard was “HONEST” and I was hooked then on. I immediately went to listen to “DIE FOR MY B****” and liked the upbeat tone of the mixtape. Keem recently released two tracks in September titled “hooligan” and “sons & critics freestyle.” These are all tracks I recommend listening to and also the infamous “ORANGE SODA.”

These are some artists that have been heavy in my personal rotation and that I hope you enjoy! Even though these artists have been gaining in popularity, I still think they are valuable to listen to now, especially during this month of celebration. 

Featured Image by SZA.

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