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SXSW: Day 3 Review

todayMarch 20, 2021 36

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By Ashley Farnie
Assistant Music Director

I hope everyone has had a great week either viewing South by Southwest from home or living vicariously through daily synopses. Day three of SXSW brought many new artists to my new attention, so here is a brief review of my experiences.

The British Music Embassy has proved their musical superiority yet again with their third day of showcases, introducing many new artists to my music library, and hopefully yours as well.

To begin the showcase, Finn Askew, accompanied by their electric guitar played a peaceful, enjoyable set. My favorite track Askew played, “Peach,” is available for streaming on all platforms!

Following Askew’s beautiful ballads, Olivia Dean’s casual style and classic sound was nothing short of enjoyable. Dean’s jazzy vocals accompanied by a choir ensemble made the performance feel spiritual. I recommend checking out Dean’s discography for an arrangement of heartfelt love songs and empowering female anthems.

Drug Store Romeos’ unique electronic sound led by the lead singer’s angelic vocals captivates the audience upon first listen. With just a keyboard, bass, and drums, Drug Store Romeos simplistic production allows the listener to focus on the vocals and compatibility of the three-piece.

Photo via SXSW Online

Contrasting Drug Store Romeos’ synthy performance, Baby Queen offered an alternative, electronic and energetic set. Baby Queen’s enthusiasm for her music was contagious and her unique aesthetic classifies her as an individual in the music industry.

An artist I have been a fan of since before her performance at SXSW, Matilda Mann, had a captivating performance accompanied by her electric guitar incorporated unreleased songs as well as my favorite, “Paper Mache World.” If you like bedroom pop music similar to Clairo, I highly recommend listening to Matilda Mann!

Photo via SXSW Online

Rocking a 1970’s aesthetic, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard performed an energetic rock set. The boy band is reclaiming classic rock with their timeless sound.

Followed by another rock band, Campfire Social offered the perfect blend of opposing vocals and radiated similar energy to that of the band Misterwives.

Rosehip Teahouse’s adorable lead singer and her chemistry with the band made the performance so fun to watch. Rosehip Teahouse makes bedroom pop music without failing to remain original. I suggest listening to “Summer Sleep” to get yourself acquainted with Rosehip Teahouse’s sound.

Photo via SXSW Online

The Close Encounter Club showcase featured a 1970’s inspired set including a lava lamp and a disco ball. The CE Club truly communicated its brand of an intergalactic label and introduced out-of-this-world artists.

To begin The CE Club’s showcase, Weird Milk, a five-piece band performed underneath the glow of the disco ball. Weird Milk featured equal contributions from all of its members and even made the listener feel as if they were a part of the band. I recommend Weird Milk if you have an affinity for indie-rock boy bands.

Followed by a dreamy, lyrical pop performance, Babeheaven’s clear vocals delivered a peaceful performance. With the jazzy sound of lead singer Nancy Andersen’s vocals, the dreamy synths accompanying her voice made for flawless execution.

Concluding The CE Club’s showcase, Sorry’s grunge, soft rock vibe provided an eclectic and unique performance. The back-and-forth vocals between the male and female leads complemented each other flawlessly and it was enjoyable to watch the exchange.

Ending my third day of SXSW, Sounds Australia’s showcase took place in the individual backyards of it’s artists. Death by Denim, an indie-rock band from Perth, performed a classic indie-rock set featuring my favorite track of theirs, “Cigarettes and Honey.”

With two days left of SXSW 2021, I am excited to continue sharing my experiences and discover new artists!

Twitter usernames of artists in order of their occurrence in the above article:
@FinnAskew, @DrugStoreRomeos, @babyqueen, @matildathemann, @buzzardbuzzard, @campfire_social, @rosehipteahouse, @WeirdMilkMusic, Babeheaven on Spotify, Sorry on Spotify, @deathbydenim1

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