This is a photo of three album covers by the bands Colourbox, The Pastels, and At The Drive-In.

Songs You Don’t Know: A Playlist

By Lesly Milan
Music Journalist

As a Spotify user and avid music listener, I am always searching for new music of all kinds. I have realized that some of my favorite songs are not even songs that I personally searched for. I just happen to randomly come across them, and then they play on repeat for the next few weeks.

Over time, I have collected a list of songs that I do not think most people have heard. I compiled this playlist with some of my favorite finds!

My song selections for this playlist were based on how often I play these songs on repeat. These are songs that I am constantly listening to and I think that other music fanatics would really enjoy the different sounds they have to offer. Many of these artists are also underrated, and they deserve more recognition for the music that they make!

Although I truly enjoy every song on this playlist, I do have my top suggestions that I highly recommend.

My first suggestion is “Over My Shoulder” by The Pastels. This very short song and is only 34 seconds long, but that’s more than enough time to make a good impression. The constant tune, soft vocals and simple lyrics fit perfectly together. It definitely leaves you wanting more than the few seconds it has to offer. Luckily, this is just one of the 18 songs off of The Pastels’ Truckload of Trouble album, so there are 17 other songs that are just as good!

“Rascuache” by At The Drive-In is another one of my song recommendations. At The Drive-In is a band that is a little more well-known, but “Rascuache” is not one of their recognizable songs. I personally love this song because it gives you both stillness and chaos. Parts of the song are slow and soft, but then the chorus hits you with strong, angry vocals. If you are a fan of borderline screaming vocals then you will love “Rascuache”.

My last top song suggestion from the playlist is “Tarantula” by Colourbox. I discovered this song last summer, so listening to it always takes me back to the hot quarantine summer days.

I like this song because it is composed of different changing sounds. It feels like you are listening to two different songs at once. The artist, Colourbox, is known for their music sampling techniques, which they use to create electronic music. If you are into the electronic sound, you should check out some of Colourbox’s other songs as well!

These are just a few of the suggestions from the entire playlist. Every song on there is worth a listen and you are sure to find a song you will add to your own playlist!

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