The album cover is Lennon Kloser in a red tinted light

Kid Bloom: Blood Sugar Review

By Maddy Lehr
Music Journalist

Kid Bloom’s frontman, Lennon Kloser, is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter. In his latest EP, Blood Sugar, he perfectly combines elements from 70’s psychedelic pop and modern dream pop. He finds influence in artists ranging from David Bowie and Tame Impala to The Weeknd.

Blood Sugar, released in August of 2020, includes six incredible songs. I genuinely enjoy each song on the EP, but my personal favorites are “Wounded/Surrounded” and “Fake A Smile.”

The EP begins with the title track “Blood Sugar.” This upbeat song talks about his personal struggle with diabetes. He compares the difficulty of managing his blood sugar to love and the highs and lows that comes with it. The track is full of hypnotic harmonies and a strong beat.

“Wounded/Surrounded” is about the internal conversation you have with yourself and your own judgment. Lennon Kloser emphasized how important it is not to victimize yourself. His lyrics tell listeners to avoid isolation and not give in to negative thoughts. “Wounded/Surrounded” shows off smooth synths and echoey vocals.

The next song on the EP, “In One Ear,” features The Neighbourhood’s lead singer, Jesse Rutherford. Glittery synths and catchy drum riffs combine to create this mesmerizing track.

Blood Sugar comes to a close with a slower track. “Fake A Smile” is about accepting the feeling of loneliness. The lyrics depict the fight between longing for a relationship but struggling to open up. The song strips down to an acoustic guitar and gritty vocals, which nicely complements the heavy-hearted lyrics.

Kid Bloom is perfect for those who enjoy indie pop as well as psychedelic rock and 70’s pop. I also recommend taking a listen to “Hold In, Hold On,” “Different State of Mind,” and “I Kissed a Girl, and She Kissed Me.”

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