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By Kennedy Wood
Guest Music Journalist

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to interview Blevins, a local band based in San Marcos and Austin. Brandon, Kevynn, and Dillon Blevins and I, were able to have a conversation about their music, the benefits of social media and the music industry as a whole.

The three brothers began their musical journey as kids when they discovered John Mayer, Joe Dart, Kevin Parker and others who inspired them to create music. Music was a way for them to come together to do the thing they love and have fun.

“The John Mayer trio is probably the first, like, let’s be them,” Blevins said.

Although the boys began playing at a young age, the brand and style of music of Blevins didn’t start until they relocated from their hometown to San Marcos. Blevins doesn’t consider themselves to be in any specific genre and feel as though their music can be perceived in many different ways.

“Personally, I think it might be a little counterproductive to genre yourself,” Blevins said. “As an artist, you have to consistently change, so you might as well not define yourself in the beginning.”

One of the ways that the brothers have created a brand for themselves is through social media. They believe that social media can be a very positive thing if you are using it correctly and not letting it become a distraction from focusing on the art.

However, social media can turn into a negative thing if someone is mainly focused on the attention and not on the art itself. If you don’t work on the art, then you have nothing to offer the following.

“The focal point, I think, of every great artist has been the art, not the things that surround it. And the moment that they start focusing on the things around, it is when the art suffers,” Blevins said.

Another important topic that we were able to discuss was the flaws of the music industry and what Blevins could change about it if they were given the opportunity. One of the big issues they would change would be the lack of creative control and transparency artists receive from record labels.

“I don’t think labels should own a majority of your music if they aren’t even making it,” Blevins said. “If you’re an artist who creates your own music, you have the best idea of where your art should go and what it should look like.”

Luckily, social media has now made it possible for artists to get recognition for their work without having to sign to a label. Blevins believes that the internet can create huge artists that get up to the scale of Post Malone or Ariana Grande, for example.

Blevins band is very pro-independence when it comes to being an artist, and they and many other artists have proved that it can work.

So, what’s next for Blevins? As of right now, their main priority is to finish their album and begin to push it out as much as possible for people to hear. Aside from that, they will be doing some gigs here and there, but they will be hitting the road once the album is out and they see what opportunities await them.

Featured image provided by Brandon Blevins.

Written by: ktsw899

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