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By Tiger Shi
Web Content Contributor

June 22, 2017, I officially became a Texas State Bobcat. As I stepped into the classroom of my very first college course in August, I thought to myself, “This will be a long four years.”

Now here I am in 2021, four years later, ready to walk across the stage and graduate from Texas State into the real world. I would like to thank several people for helping me become the person I am today. 

University Star Advisor Laura Krantz 

Mrs. Krantz was the first person I talked to about getting involved with student media. At the time, I had previously worked on the yearbook in high school, which isn’t technically media but does consist of journalistic elements.

Upon joining the Star’s editor team, I obtained the knowledge I need for a career. I have Mrs. Krantz to thank for that. 

KTSW General Manager Dan Schumacher 

Dan is the great manager of this incredible radio station. From welcoming me into KTSW at orientation to helping me with my new role as news director, Dan guided me through.

Although I didn’t talk to him much, his presence as the faculty advisor for KTSW really helped motivate me to do the best for the station.  

KTSW Station Manager Juan Garcia 

I first met Juan applying for my KTSW position. At the time, he was the news director. I have enjoyed working in his department and pronouncing news stories to be played on-air.

COVID pretty much “ruined” everything but Juan and I persisted throughout that summer in 2020. Since August, I was interim news director until a full news department could be re-established. I thank Juan for giving me such an opportunity. 

Dr. Tim England, School of Journalism and Mass Communication 

I first had Dr. England in fall 2019 for a programming course and then last semester for Bobcat Update. The latter course was the most enjoyable in my opinion as it gave me an opportunity to be a mock news reporter.

The format of the class was different because of the pandemic but I was still able to gain valuable skills. I thank Dr. England for his smooth delivery in teaching it! 

Dr. Larry Carlson, SJMC 

Dr. Carlson is a great professor who taught me writing for electronic media and specifically broadcast-style writing. Broadcast writing differs a lot compared to other writing styles.

I didn’t get to interact with him much unfortunately since COVID, but I do appreciate his tips for teaching writing in my field. 

Dr. Debra Law, Department of History 

Dr. Law is a great professor in teaching my minor in history. I had her first in spring 2019 and again this semester. I enjoy her professionalism and her classes were writing-centered. I had plenty of practice by writing multiple essays and short answer responses.

I thank her for improving my communication skills as the industry I plan on going into involves writing.  

My Parents 

Lastly, my parents deserve credit for supporting me through these years. They have funded my tuition, room and board. I got a job once because I thought I would have to pay my own rent. After hearing that I did not, I felt relived that I could focus on my on-campus job that taught me fiscal responsibility.

I thank my parents for that opportunity and their support. 

An aerial photo of the Square and downtown on a foggy afternoon.
San Marcos, the best college town ever, by Tiger Shi.


Although employment and internships are hard to find right now, there is no need to worry about what I cannot control. COVID is a force majeure situation. As my colleague in Web Content Jernice Kelley stated, “Just keep applying!”

I’ve gotten so many rejections during my senior year. However, that doesn’t demoralize me at all. Rejections are the stepping stones to success after all. My biggest regret is not using summers in-between each academic year as an opportunity to build professional experience. Of course, one cannot reverse time. I will stay persistent in the search.

This had been an incredible four years. As I transition to an alumnus, I will remember that I am always a Bobcat. Eat ‘Em Up, Cats! 

Featured image by Sara Shields.

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  1. Debbi kilpatrick on May 8, 2021

    Congratulations, Tiger!!!! Good luck on the rest of your career and life.

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