Little Simz’s Sometimes I Might Be Introvert: A Cinematic Experience

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By Victor Guevara
Music Journalist

The fourth studio album by the UK rapper is the depiction of a conversation between her internal and external persona mixed with beautiful orchestral scores, soulful beats, and clean bars that make up a cinematic listening experience.

Coming into this album, I did not know what to expect as it was my introduction to Little Simz’s music, but beginning this album with the song “Introvert” was an absolute tone-setter for Simz as an artist and for the album itself. The booming brass resembled a battle theme, matching the energy of her bars about internalized racism and the struggles of trying to be successful as a black woman.

The powerful orchestration, crisp flow, seamless continuity between songs, and the topic of her internal conflict between her past traumas and issues with fame instantly hooked me.

The bombastic sound of the album is supposed to give off an indifferent attitude or persona from Simz, but it does the contrary as it emphasizes insecurities and points out any past unhealed traumas she raps about.

Bars such as “Lying to myself, pretending I was never phased by it Maybe cause you’re in my DNA?” and “I sabotage what we are trying to build ‘Cause of feelings I keep inside but it’s time to reveal” exemplify Simz’ expressing whether she should forgive her father or hold the resentment for all the trauma he caused. She then creates a parallel of the abandonment of her feelings to her father’s abandonment of her.

And this is where I believe the true beauty of this album lies:

Simz’s expression of her experience with imposter syndrome, need for validation, and family issues are all just very relatable. Simz allows the listeners to put themselves into these lyrics and experiences, making them feel more comfortable with their own issues.

Nonetheless, Simz’s pure message and absolute creativity with tracks, samples, and orchestration pushes boundaries and is a signature to her, and only her. This is a tribute to where she stands in the rap game and with herself as a person. I will definitely check out more Little Simz after this listen, and you should as well!

Written by: allisonschroeder13

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