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The Course Everyone Should Take

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By Lea Mercado
Web Content Assistant Manager

College is recognized as the most significant opportunity to become familiar with the world around you, not only through education and prospective contributions to the workforce but through interacting with the community and applying classroom knowledge while doing so.

The problem is, not every program equips students with an in-depth understanding of how exactly our society functions. Though universities have tried to accomplish a baseline, well-rounded education for their students through core curriculum requirements, some students often disregard many core classes as irrelevant if they are not major-specific courses.

While Texas State’s core curriculum strives to provide students with a basic understanding of essential subjects such as life sciences, language, philosophy, culture, and many others, the decision ultimately comes down to the student and their interests when choosing which classes to take.

When I first started college, this choice was one that I made lightly. Instead of choosing with the intent to seek out a subject that interested me, I wanted whichever course was the easier choice.

Following this method throughout the following semesters worked out for me. I was on Dean’s list, had a great GPA, and felt successful. But despite that feeling, another began creeping in. I began to feel unfulfilled. While I loved the intro classes to my major, I would see news headlines and social media posts that described social issues that I had no fundamental understanding of. Though I conducted my own research, I ended up with more questions than answers.

When the next semester rolled around, I decided to take an intro to Sociology class. Everything on the news and in my community began making sense throughout that semester in ways that my other society/government-focused classes didn’t. Since that class, I have declared Sociology as a minor and have become convinced that Sociology is a course that everyone should take.

What is Sociology?

Sociology is essentially the study of human relationships to one another and institutions. In other words, Sociology studies how individuals make up large collectives and their relationships to institutions such as education, religion, family, and more. Some courses that Texas State offers cover issues such as race, deviance, gender, sexuality, aging, and pretty much anything else one could stir up curiosity towards.

(To view the full list, click here)

To gather their research, sociologists establish relationships with their research subjects to observe using both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Why is Sociology Important?

Sociology is vital in the way that we understand the world because the study helps people address issues as a collective issue rather than an individual one.

For instance, education is a result of a collective issue. People realized that an educated population contributes more to society and lowers crime risks, so educational institutions were established in contrast to private schooling or tutoring.

Not only does it help us address societal issues, but it also gives us the language to identify the root of certain issues. This then gives sociologists a starting point to begin constructing solutions.

That being said, you do not have to be a sociologist to create positive change. Taking a sociology course can be a very enlightening experience because it shows all of the different ways that humans are connected to one another despite living in such an individualist culture. Not to mention, there are so many applicable ways to utilize skills that sociology can teach you, such as research methods, statistics, data analysis and critical thinking.

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