International Women’s Day: Women Pitted Against Women

todayMarch 8, 2022 36

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By Allison Schroeder
Web Content Assistant Manager

Women, including those who identify as women, around the world are notoriously known to be on the receiving end of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. But it doesn’t just stem from men, it also stems from other women.

When it finally feels like a battle is over, it almost feels although women are also pitted against each other into a whole other level of the battle. Almost like playing Kingdom Hearts, where Sora defeats opponents along the way to his final boss battle. The battles only get tougher.

Women have been driven by so many expectations to rise above biases, stereotypes and discrimination that we push ourselves to become what other women couldn’t become. But at times, it pushes some women into a pit of jealousy and sometimes frustration towards other women.

Sometimes these strong expectations cause some of us to develop deep feelings of anxiety, depression for feeling as if you haven’t achieved what you wanted and at other times it could make some go against other women.  

We don’t do it out of hate, we do it out of envy of their position, the power they hold, and how easy it seemed to get to their position while we are struggling to move forward on our own journey.  

According to Psychology Today, the phrase “She’s just jealous,” is “stated far more frequently to young girls than young boys.” It is supposed to be a compliment, but ultimately we as women don’t take compliments very well (they actually cause greater discomfort to ourselves).  

Psychology Today took the phrase to a deeper meaning by discussing how the phrase takes the approach of when you are admired, you will have those who will treat you badly, and that just means they’re jealous. 

It causes women to continue pushing themselves into envious or resentful relationships with one another and disrupts the growth towards stopping gender inequity by harvesting it. 

In some cases, jealousy can even just occur from a young adult or child watching other similar-aged individuals become successful in a relatively short period of time. I know growing up I felt a tinge of jealousy when I watched shows and realized that I was in the same age group as them, and with all due respect to Olivia Rodrigo, she definitely had me feeling a little jealous until I recognized I shouldn’t be jealous. I should just be proud of another woman getting to do what she loves.  

Although women have our individual battles we face with men due to our differences, the bias put on us, stereotypes and discrimination, we also should really consider how much really comes from our internal group of women. We compete against one another so often, it honestly gets tiring. 

Personally, I recognize and admit when I get competitive. Oftentimes, I mostly compete against myself because an inner voice may tell me that I can’t do something, but I prove that voice wrong. When it comes to jealousy and pitting against other women, we must recognize and admit it is occurring in order to try and make a change for the better for our community of women. 

So, this International Women’s Day, let’s come together and fight against the bias. Let’s stand together and find peace in ourselves to let go of our frustrations and jealousy against one another. We each have a place in the world, and for some, it takes time to find it, and for others, it is quick. But in the end, it works out just the way it is supposed to.

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