Are Press Releases Dead?

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By Jemia Spence
Web Content Contributor

Earlier this semester my professor asked the question, are press releases dead? This topic sparked an interest because of my major and  I wanted to know, digitally, how society has changed. So, I researched the discussion and personally think that press releases are not dead. However, they do not generate as much press.

There are several reasons why press releases have been around for so long. Press releases provide the essentials of any story like: Who, what, when, where, why, and how. I think how you tell the story is the most important. Another reason for a press release is for broad, national announcements such as a vast partnership or something that spans the country and is available to consumers. This way, you have a story that can hit the news wire for many outlets to pick it up. One example is the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and when the vaccines became accessible to everyone.

Press releases are an essential tool for reporters to release news announcements quickly and concisely. So, I think that the aspect of writing a press release is vital and alive. Although I do not believe that the press release is dead, I do think it is not as mainstream or “big” today because of how advanced society is and the impact of social media digitally. There is much noise on the internet, and most of the time, search engines do not care about press releases. I cannot think of the last time I have done a search and found a company’s press release on their news tab.

It is a lot easier for companies and brands to spread a message to their audience with a simple click in today’s advanced technology. Today, many people will receive news updates and advertisements via emails, social platforms, or the internet. This makes me believe that press release strategies are evolving; here are three reasons I believe it is not dead but is alive and well. When executed well, they provide updates to the brand’s employees, such as sending press releases to announce new hires, promote products, or showcase a millstone within the company.

They can increase the credibility of a company or brand because the company can control its voice and message entirely. Press releases share data and insight about a company or brand and are valuable resources for staying on-trend.

I think that press releases still hold a place today, even with society being in a digital time. However, I believe that press releases should be used for true newsworthy stories and target a specific audience. They are still great for valuable media mentions and for achieving momentum in the media.

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