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By Andrea Moor

Music Journalist

Since moving out to San Marcos, I’ve quickly become acclimated to the ever-growing beauty and significance this town holds. With the vast diversity of the student populous to the established families with generations living in this town, I decided to go around asking people about their favorite musicians, hoping to see if there was any correlation or mass breakthrough in music taste.


First, I stopped by the small H-E-B to find Phillip munching on yogurt-covered pretzels and sipping on eggnog next to his recently-purchased red Navi. Having caught him moments before his trip to Lockhart on the motorcycle he bought the week prior, Phillip began to speak of his upbringing, mentioning that he’s lived in the area for 25 years. Having struggled with his sobriety, he, fortunately, cut off all his vices about a year and a half ago. He credits his love of the guitar with helping him overcome his addiction. “If you’re bored, in trouble with the law, upset with your family, the guitar gets you through so much loneliness. It’s addicting and can get you through hard times. Even if you’re broke or left alone…the guitar is your best friend”


Favorite Musicians: “Calvin Russel is a local based in south Austin, they’re a fantastic musician. There’s also Don Walser, I knew his grandson growing up. Don went to Germany to make his music. From there he went to south Austin and would play at the Continental Club.”


Phillip the Cyclist


On my way to one of my favorite shops in town, Twice Blessed, I met 25-year-old Emma. As a manager of a boutique, they also sell handmade and vintage clothing on their Instagram page


Favorite Musicians: “Lorde is my go-to for pop. She does pop in a really interesting way. Since we’re the same age, I feel it resonates well with me because when she releases it’s like a chapter I also just went through. I also like Beabadobee, who will be performing in Austin soon… any indie, cutesy, pop girl I really like. Being really introspective with life experience and also being super girly– any mix like that is in tune with what I like.”


Emma the Boutique Manager


Coincidentally, I ran into the co-host-turned-project leader of Cash Radio, Bella, sitting alongside the courthouse with their friend Jackie and their adorable corgi, Honeybear.



Favorite Musicians: “Amy Winehouse is one of my all-time favorites, she’s just a beautiful live performer. I love classical jazz blues and every one of her live performances is unlike any other. I also just rewatched her documentary for the millionth time…Kind of basic but I’m currently on a Nirvana kick. Janis Joplin and Eric Clapton are also really good.”


Jackie, a marketing student with a PR minor,  was indulging in a break at the Square before returning to their classes.


Favorite Musicians: “Lana Del Rey, I love her very much. She’s very poetic and beautiful, she’s gotten me through so many relationships… I also love The 1975, they remind me of my development, my high school era. GOTHBABE gets me upbeat and happy. Also, Slayyyter’s amazing, just saw her at ACL. Such a sex icon.” (Honeybear the Corgi enjoys the Tinkerbell soundtrack!)


Bella & Jackie from the Courthouse


Strolling by Our Lady Tattoo, a tattoo shop at the square, I spoke with Benny, a specialty tattoo artist.


Favorite Musicians: “Black Sabbath and MF DOOM, they’re what I grew up on. Classic stuff. It’s all just good music and good times.”


Benny the Tattoo Artist


Passing by Studio 13, a tobacco dispensary, I spoke with shop owner Johanna, and their partner, Luke.


Favorite Musicians: “We recently saw Black Keys. We like All Them Witches, a bluesy band. Oftentimes, we alternate back to black metal when we’re not listening to newer artists. Chevalier and Five Finger Death Punch are also some of our favorites…We like knowing who’s doing what. It’s cool scoping out artists and their side projects because we already know that we enjoy their sound. For us, metal is a stress relief.”


Johanna & Luke from Studio 13


As I often find myself heading to complete assignments at the Alkek Library, I spoke with Richie. Studying studio art, they also work at the library part-time.


Favorite Musicians: “It has to be Syd Barrett, Ghost, and Nekrogoblikon…Syd’s the founder of Pink Floyd and I’m really obsessed with their downfall. The Ghost fascination is due to religious trauma, and Nekrogoblikon’s just fun nerd metal music to listen to.”


Richie the Library Worker


In the pursuit of inquiring about favorite musicians, it became clear that for a lot of people, music is an evolving constant. Whether it’s due to an emotional tie or an admiration of instrumentals, good music is everywhere, and our favorite music often is the kind that grounds you and builds you back up again.

Featured Image by Andrea Moor. 

Written by: Preethi Mangadu

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