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By Harriet Bernard
Local Music Journalist

On March 28th, the moon began its phase in Cancer and lasted for three days’ time. At the beginning of each month, Earth’s moon cycles through each of the twelve astrological signs before repeating once again. While most people are only familiar with their astrological sun sign, it is often heard that a person’s moon sign is one that might resonate with them more. Those who have a Cancer moon in their astrological birth chart may have experienced deeper feelings and intuition during this phase and may have had a release of pent-up feelings and emotions.


If you’re unfamiliar with astrology, it is important to note that each of the twelve zodiac signs is ruled by a planet or two, such as Leo being ruled by the sun or Pisces by Neptune and Jupiter. Similarly, Cancer is ruled by the moon because of the strength of the moon’s essence and Cancer being the more intuitive water sign. The cardinal sign of Cancer is strong that, even if it is not in your “big three,” reveals itself in any placement it finds itself in.


If you notice that your moon is in Cancer, take this as a great compliment. Cancer moon individuals frequently use their intellect to their advantage by feeling strong emotions, helping to guide their intuition. This specific moon phase could have had a significant effect on anyone with Cancer in their birth chart, but those with Cancer moons might have felt a slight change in motivation to face their inner feelings. Astrology, however, isn’t the only way we can try to process strong feelings and analyze our moods; music can do it too!


If you’ve ever felt like discovering more songs that perfectly represent who you are, what you like, and how you love, reviewing your birth chart can often be reflective of what type of music you enjoy and who your favorite artists are. Many popular artists – such as Drake, Taylor Swift, and Kurt Cobain – have their moons in Cancer. Cancer placements are creative and deep and, because of their emotional intuition, can connect with their audiences via hard-hitting lyrics.


Entirely accurate to his work, it was no surprise to find that famed Canadian rapper Drake also shares a Cancer moon. One of his more popular albums titled, Take Care, is his most “in his feels” album and represents how Cancer moons like to express their impassioned side of themselves. Cancer moon celebrities are often admired for their good spirits as well as how easily they can make relatable content. Beloved by many, the Texas-born country powerhouse Willie Nelson also has his moon in Cancer and has made various emotional connections with his fans.


Over the past few days, I thought about how the songs that I love represent what my personal experience of being a Cancer moon feels like. Here are some that lyrically and musically spoke to me:


  1. “Skin and Bones” by 070 Shake

This song is about reminiscing on a past relationship where it was a mutual understanding between two lovers. This specific set of lyrics stood out to me and what I could only describe as “the most Cancer vibes ever”; “The moon’s favorite daughter, light in the dark, and the waves in the water”. I see this as romantic and sensitive with mentions of both the moon and water.

2. “Mariners Apartment Complex” by Lana Del Rey

This is one of my favorite Lana songs. This comes from her 2019 album, Normal F***ing Rockwell!, which I believe to be one of her best; with themes of water, deep love, and moving on. The song is about supporting a loved one through tough times even if it means being unappreciated for every effort. My favorite lyric is, “‘Cause even in the dark, I feel your resistance, you can see my heart burning in the distance.” Although Lana isn’t a Cancer moon, she has 3 placements of Cancer in her chart.

3. “Blue Coupe” by Twin Peaks

This is one of my favorite songs in the past couple of years. I listen to it when I feel lost and sad because of its ability to somehow cheer me up in an instant. The melody is upbeat, and the lyrics have realistic messages about accepting what is true and putting a silver lining on the truth. The lyric, “Every time I take a look at the skyline it makes me feel better, ‘cause I just miss you down here where the other people try to move on,” displays feelings of hope and longing that come with accepting change, with singer Jack Dolan revealing that he dedicated the song to three friends he lost due to drugs when releasing the song in 2017.


Our astrological charts can influence how we listen to our favorite music and your favorite artists could share some of your signs in your chart. When we can relate to the music, listening to it becomes more enjoyable, making it more easy to find more of what we like. Throughout this specific lunar phase, my Cancer moon gave me a moment to pause to focus and process my feelings; using my music to guide me.

Written by: Hannah Walls

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