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Distortion Media Presents: Elegy, Demure and Crash Test Girls

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By Lillian Jones

Local Music Journalist

On Friday, March 31st, up-and-coming local promoter Distortion Media presented their first-ever show at Lazy Daze coffee shop. After a tiring week, my friend and I decided to kick off the weekend by checking it out! Upon our arrival, the parking lot was quite full, foreshadowing an impressive turnout for the newly formed booking business. Making our way into the venue, we were greeted by the familiar faces behind Distortion Media – KTSW’s very own Avery Viers and Ashley Farnie! The red and green-haired duo have hosted shows in the past year at their D.I.Y. venue, Earle’s Basement, and have since decided to expand into managing and booking bands in San Marcos. I quickly paid my entry fee as Ashley gave me the green wristband for entry, allowing me to finally enter the space where the bands began to play.


In the backyard of the coffee shop was a small wooden stage in the corner of the fenced lot, accompanied by an array of picnic tables, rocking chairs and a nice big tree with lights hanging from the branches. Overall, the cutest venue I have been to in San Marcos so far. My friends and I found it to be nostalgic, bringing us back to the good ole’ backyard shows we visited over the summer. While I didn’t spend much time inside, the yellow walls, cozy decorations and CBD-infused coffee is definitely a reason to return!



This being my third time seeing Elegy, it was the first time I could actually hear and fully experience their music due to the open-air venue. The noise band helped me regain some energy after a long day with their strong vocalist, pounding drums and occasional electronic “whoozing” noises. They have an impressive way of going from complete chaos, seemingly to make as much sound as possible with their instruments to eventually join back together, regaining a sense of rhythm and reason that I find refreshing and enjoyable to watch. Overall, Elegy is always a pleasure to see as they simply just like to have fun on stage, sending noise that flosses between your ears and leaves you wondering if you should start wearing earplugs more often.

Image is of the band Elegy playing at Lazy Daze coffee shop in San Marcos,Tx.
Elegy at Lazy Daze coffee shop. | Ben Middleton



I had seen Demure once before at an Earle’s Basement show back in January where I listened from the garage due to a packed living room, so I hadn’t quite gotten the full experience yet. Demure gave a sweet transition from Elegy’s craziness as we sat and listened to their loopy, math rock rhythms. While the band doesn’t have any vocalists, it should not be a reason to keep you from seeing them. The San Marcos band kept me entertained with quick switch-ups of the time signatures and rhythm. I was genuinely left entranced and did some intense people-watching during their set as my mind was in loops.

: Image is of Will Eschenburg from the band Demure playing bass at Lazy Daze coffee
Demure at Lazy Daze coffee shop. | Ben Middleton

Crash Test Girls

Crash Test Girls has quickly evolved into a staple of the San Marcos music scene. Having seen them two times previously at Earles Basement, KTSW’s Estrojam, and now for a third time at Lazy Daze, I never get tired of seeing them! Notably, Allie (lead vocals/bass) and Sammy (guitar/vocals) shared a little synchronized dance during one of the songs. The duo also rocked some noticeable accessories as Allie wore $5 knock-off Pit Vipers at 9pm and Sammy wore his staple cat beanie throughout the night. I highly suggest you see them especially if you enjoy bands such as Mannequin P*ssy with Allie’s mix of soft singing and loud screaming, as well as Title Fight and Cocteau Twins because of the band’s affinity to throw in their occasional covers from those bands. Overall, they ended off the night as a nice in-between of Elegy’s perfect chaos and Demure’s entrancing rhythms with a lovely mix of psychedelic rock and shoegaze.

Image is of Allison Jones from the band Crash Test Girls playing bass at Lazy Daze coffee shop in San Marcos, Tx. The image has a blue filter over it.
Crash Test Girls at Lazy Daze coffee shop. | Salvador Patlan

At the end of the night, my friend and I were quite content with the show. It was definitely a nice way to start off the weekend as we mostly just sat in the rocking chairs like grandmas enjoying the music. Our evening together at Lazy Daze was a great way to celebrate the start of Avery and Ashley’s business and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Distortion Media!


To keep updated follow Distortion Media on Instagram @distortionmediatx, as well as the bands

@elegy.tx, @musicdemure, and @crashtestgirls.


Featured Image by Ashley Farnie.

Written by: Preethi Mangadu

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