Ten Songs By Local Artists To Add To Your Summer Playlist

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As you celebrate the end of the semester, with the temperature rising and the bugs becoming more apparent, there’s only one question to ask yourself – who just made the song of the summer? Luckily for you, you won’t have to tap through your old high school SoundCloud rapper’s Snapchat story to find the song of the summer because I have curated 10 songs by local artists that you should add to your summer playlist. 

Imagine Hearts – Ringo Deathstarr

This one is for all my shoegaze-loving freaks out there! Ringo Deathstarr not only has an awesome band name, but they also make awesome music. The music group was originally formed by Elliott Frazier in Beaumont, Texas in 2005, but is now based in Austin. Don’t let the genre of shoegaze fool you, the song “Imagine Hearts” is still an upbeat and colorful experience perfect for the summer season. Mixtures of guitar, tambourine and fun lyricism creates sounds that are sure to boost your serotonin levels. If you like the song, I also highly suggest listening to the full Colour Trip album as it maintains that upbeat energy all throughout. 

Moo Moo – Party Van 

Although Party Van is a garage rock band from Austin that formed in 2015, the band officially released their debut album just this last year. The album Large Water is full of songs with just the right amount of angst, guitar, and soft and raw vocals to make you want to get outside and pretend your life is a coming-of-age movie (as one does). The band’s song “Moo Moo” is one of their most popular songs, rightfully so, and is the perfect tune to drive around town with the windows down, annoyingly making sure everyone around you knows you have great music taste.

Lie To Me – Die Spitz

Would this really be a KTSW local article if Die Spitz wasn’t mentioned once? As much as the band is talked about, a few of their songs have already gone overlooked! This summer we’re taking it back to their 2022 EP, The Revenge Of Evangeline, with the song, “Lie To Me”. This song has it all; from the catchy chorus to grunge instrumentals – it deserves more recognition. And of course, angst doesn’t go away with the cold weather, making this a perfect song for those angsty summer days. 

Worms Against Humanity – Witches Exist

I’m going to be honest; I mostly put this song because the name makes me giggle – and because it’s a good song, I guess. Witches Exist is a self-proclaimed “cow-gaze” band from Austin that formed just last year in 2022. This track in particular has a slight cowboy feel to it while still being reminiscent of the shoegaze genre that I can’t help but appreciate. “Worms Against Humanity” is the perfect tune for a Texas summer sippin’ on ice tea on a wrap-around porch (but instead it is a twisted tea on the balcony of your overpriced apartment). 

Cross-Eyed – Window Shop

The most local band out of the bands so far, Window Shop, is one of San Marcos’ many beloved bands. The indie rock band infuses elements of jazz to create a mellow energy building from Nora’s energetic keyboard and vocals. This song fits many summer scenarios; from relaxing by the river to walking downtown with your friends. If you’re in San Marcos this summer, I highly suggest you try to see them live!

Carpop – Daydream Twins

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Daydream Twins just played at KTSW’s recent Third Thursday event on April 20th. Although I was unable to see their performance, they are definitely on my list of local bands to see live. I originally found Daydream Twins on TikTok – unfortunate, I know – and was super surprised to find out they were from Austin! The band started in August of 2020 and has since gained a generous amount of popularity. The song, “Carpop” is one of the slower songs on this list exhibiting a more relaxed summer, perfect for those sunny river days.  

Greg Abbott’s Maxi Pad – Sludge 

As of right now, this is the only song that Sludge has released. Sludge is an Austin band that I believe should be on everyone’s list of bands to see live. Their playful and chaotic energy not only is present in person, but also in their music. The song, “Greg Abbott’s Maxi Pad”, features a theme mocking the Texas governor’s decisions on reproductive rights that are blended well with silly lyrics and instrumentals reminiscent of surf-rock. They recently announced on Instagram that they will be releasing more music in the near future and I’m impatiently waiting for that day to come. 

Red & White – Arbordae 

Another San Marcos-based band, Arbordae, has been releasing music since 2020 and is a name I’ve seen quite frequently. The song “Red & White,” is more of a slower-paced one, ideal for those cooler summer nights. The song is especially appealing if you’re a fan of bands such as Duster or Car Seat Headrest as I found it had a similar sound and energy. The band’s EP Pine/Gnomon is overall a great collection of songs for those slower summer days. 

Burglar For You – Gus Baldwin

Another fast-paced and angsty song from an Austin band, except Gus Baldwin is a one-man band! Sometimes more members are added on-stage to create Gus Balwin and The Sketch (The Sketch for short). While I have yet to see him live, he is high on my list of bands to see as Baldwin simultaneously plays the drums, guitar and vocals during his one-man performances. The song, “Burglar For You,” is fast-paced and great for a needed boost of energy during equally chaotic summer days. 

Another Morning Stoner – Trail Of Dead 

Last – but definitely not least – we have one of my favorite songs of all time. Having grown up on Trail Of Dead, I knew I had to include one of their songs. Trail Of Dead have been Austin locals since 1994 but sadly announced a hiatus just two months ago. A great introductory song to the band, “Another Morning Stoner,” turns twenty-one this year, following its 2002 release. The rock song begins with a build-up to Conrad Keely’s raw vocals and energetic instrumentals. So what makes it specifically good for the summer? I don’t know – just listen to it because I said so! 

These songs are all ones that I enjoy made by bands I enjoy and hopefully you will too. Have an epic summer, stay hydrated and support local bands! 

Written by: Preethi Mangadu

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