Venus Retrograde in Leo: A Playlist to Get Through It

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By Blaire Bussey

Music Journalist

Have you recently had some communication issues with your loved ones, found that you have been unhealthily comparing yourself to others, or maybe you just hated that new tattoo you got? You are not alone, and there is a reason for this: Venus is currently in Leo and will go into retrograde on July 22.


To break this down, Venus represents romantic love; beauty and value, meaning what a person loves and prioritizes; whereas Leo, known for being the sign of confident natures and great performers, is the only sign ruled by the Sun, which represents the ego, or who a person is to their core. This means that Leo is not afraid to let the truest version of themself shine through and is unapologetically Leo.


But what does this mean, and is it a bad thing? While Venus retrograde in Leo does mean that there might be some personality clashes and big egos, specifically in relation to loved ones or those considered as having some sort of meaningful relationship with you, it is also a time for reflection and reevaluation. What relationships do you value, and are they allowing room for growth or are they holding you back? While you think deeply about your wants and needs during this time, here are a few songs that might help you process the situations that may arise.


  • Your Ex Just Texted? Try Mahalia’s “I Wish I Missed My Ex” from Love and Compromise


Picture this: it is late at night, and you are settling in bed for the night, when your phone screen flashes, showing you have received a message – and low and behold, it is your last significant other. It is possible that during the retrograde, people from your past will try to reinsert themselves into your life.


This can apply specifically to any past lovers, as Venus entering Leo might give them the confidence to reach back out. With lyrics such as “This ain’t love” and “I’m the only one you wanted / But I can’t follow where your heart is,” Mahalia is here to remind us that people leave each other’s lives for a reason, and the cycle will continue unless put to an end.


  • You Just Lost a Relationship and You Are Not Quite Over It? Try NERIAH’s “No One Cries Forever” from No One Cries Forever EP


We have all been there: you get the call or have the hard conversation and suddenly there is a person-sized hole in your life that someone you loved used to occupy. NERIAH understands though, including lyrics such as “I tried to fake, fake it all better / But days turn to months turn to years and I’m stuck in September,” showing the universal pain of grieving the loss of a relationship that meant a lot to you at one point. However, the chorus picks up with the message “Feelings gotta die and hearts always survive, yeah / Tears they have to dry ‘cause no one cries forever” to remind the listener that while you grieve now, all things must come to an end, even the bad ones.


  • You have healed, and you are ready to make your comeback? Try Love Moor’s “Sequel” from Love EP


Imagine: your tears have finally dried, you have learned the lessons you needed to learn, and you are ready to take the world by storm – give Love Moor’s “Sequel” a listen! This song is all about returning to the scene bigger and better than ever. Love Moor’s lyrics “Hope you heard what I said, yea / Extravagant nothing less, yea / You gone see me again / You gone see me again” say it best: always get back up when you fall.

Written by: Preethi Mangadu

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