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todayOctober 9, 2023 38

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By Blaire Bussey

Music Journalist

There is only one thing I might love more than music, and that is being able to keep up with listening statistics with different music-tracking apps. I think it is interesting to see my friends’ Spotify Wrapped statistics and Apple Rewind playlists, but why wait until the end of the year when you can use different apps to track what you listen to every week? 

For all the music lovers out there, apps like Airbuds and are perfect for you! Allow me to give you all the information you need to dive right into your next obsession.

First up, an app recommendation for all the Spotify users out there: This app, formerly known as Spotistats, allows users to have all their Spotify statistics in one place all year round. Users can see their top tracks, albums, genres and artists, as well as other statistics such as the first day a song was streamed, the last day a song was streamed, the total minutes and times streamed and even more. The app even categorizes music by mood, such as “energetic” and “lively.”

I like this app because not only can I look at my statistics, but those of my friends who use Spotify as well! I can see if they are one of a song or artist’s top listeners, and the soulmates feature helps users connect with even more people with similar music tastes to yourself! All in all, this app gives people a lot of great insight into their Spotify history, as well as bringing people together through music.  


Speaking of apps that bring people together through music, this next app is meant for exactly that. Airbuds is an app that allows Apple product users to add it as a widget to their home screen so that they can always see what their friends are listening to. While this app is only available for iOS, it is compatible with both Apple Music and Spotify. The app also allows users to see their friends’ music history and how many times a song has been replayed by them. Features also include the ability to react to each other’s songs played using emojis. The statistics collected by the app include minutes, artists and tracks played, and all of this is recorded weekly; additionally, the app keeps your data from every week saved and categorizes it by month, so you don’t have to worry about losing your data. 

What I like most about the app is that I can always see what my friends are listening to just by glancing at my home screen. I also really like the mascot feature, which takes the average beats per minute of the songs you have been listening to the past week and pairs you with an animal that matches that speed. I thought this feature was exceptionally special because in music-tracking apps I usually do not see the average beats per minute being calculated at all. The mascot feature keeps users engaged and makes the app stand out.

Apps that allow users to track the music they listen to are ultimately very useful and exciting! They help people become more aware of their music listening habits, and many of them do exactly what music is supposed to do, and that is to bring people together and drive conversation. If you are interested in getting more involved in tracking your music history, give these apps a try.

Written by: Danielle De Lucia

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