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Band performing on stage in bright neon lights

Band of the Week

Band of the Week: The Push and Shove

By Harriet Bernard Local Music Journalist  With Austin being one of the most recognizable music capitals of the world, many artists – both young and old – find their way into its lively music scene. While some artists are just getting started with their music careers, others have been in the game for years. Austin-based The Push and Shove is a five-piece band. Coming from differing musical backgrounds, each of […]

todayMay 1, 2023 64 2

: A red guitar in the center of black paint splatters and geometric inked patterns.


The Best Rock Movies of All Time

By Lane Dent Music Journalist   I have a unique addiction to rock movies - biopics, comedies, fictional dramas. There exists a combined love for these films, how they mesh together a rare collection of my favorite topics: heavy music and cinema. After about a year of religiously devouring every rock and metal movie I came across, I have found a stellar handful of origin-telling, guitar-shredding and chaos-creating rock movies. […]

todayApril 26, 2023 48 9

Album Review

The Album That Will Change Modern Metal

By Lane Dent Music Journalist Invent Animate: Heavener Mysterious and magical, dark and daring, out of this same Texan soil came the band Invent Animate who have released their fourth studio album: Heavener. On March 17, this Earth, the one that Heavener seems to explore beyond, received a masterpiece of gritty creativity and raw emotional expression. Four tracks stood out to me like support pillars, a perfectly balanced square of […]

todayApril 25, 2023 67 6

The photo depicts Alexalone on the inside stage at Hotel Vegas. Andrew Hulitt is seen on the far right, with Sam Jordan to their left in the back, and Alex Peterson on the far left. The lighting is a deep red with dark black tones.


Interview with Alexalone

By Maddy Lehr Music Journalist   Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with the lovely members of Alexalone during their third show of their April residency at Hotel Vegas. Alex Peterson, Sam Jordan and Andrew "Drewsky" Hulett played a captivating show that left me feeling utterly entranced. Before their set, we sat down to talk new music, old music and more.   Maddy: How has the residency been? […]

todayApril 24, 2023 37 1


Niche Clothing Brand and Artist Collaborations

By Lillian Jones Local Music Journalist Recently, there has been a repeating trend of clothing brands popular to a niche side of TikTok collaborating with unexpecting artists. By “niche side of TikTok” I mean the side of the apps algorithm that mostly has to do with a specific style of trending fashion. Mostly these brands have a similar concept of graphic tees, pop culture references and being overpriced while targeting […]

todayApril 19, 2023 781 3

A man in a tuxedo staring at the camera. Girls in all lower case is displayed over his face in white font. Song credits are displayed in the lower left corner, a pink smiley face in the lower right corner.


New Artists Radar: The Dare

By Erin Patterson Music Journalist   A new indie-rock artist has entered the game. Harrison Patrick Smith, who goes by the alias, The Dare, has already made waves with only two songs in his repertoire. Based in New York City, The Dare’s music can be compared to the gritty party scene that thrives in the city. Offspring to the house music from the indie sleaze era of the early aughts, […]

todayApril 18, 2023 49 1

Close-up of Screaming Females in Blue Lighting

Concert Review

Concert Review: Screaming Females

By Andrea Moor Music Journalist   I was fortunate to have some spare time on Tuesday and catch up on work at my apartment, a place I haven't been to much this year. After completing some tasks, I felt compelled to attend the Screaming Females concert at Paper Tiger, a venue I had yet to visit this year.   Heavy Comforter was the first act on the lineup, but their […]

todayApril 12, 2023 58 2

Album Review

Crybaby Is Dead – Portals Album Review

By Harriet Bernard Local Music Journalist Releasing her new album Portals on March 31st, Melanie Martinez finally breaks out of the shadows in a way that’s left fans ecstatic. She began teasing her third studio album at the beginning of the month in ways that sparked much curiosity and confusion about what she had in mind in terms of her new creative vision. With themes of rebirth and a pink, […]

todayApril 12, 2023 51 2


Absolutely, Dijon.

By Aaliyah Hamilton Music Journalist   First blessing my eardrums in 2019, Dijon was unlike any artist I’ve heard. He was so addicting by the first listen that I’m still just as hooked four years later. Staying clear of any trends in his way, Dijon creates a path for his own original take in the world of R&B, which is far better than any mustard. Starting out within the duo […]

todayApril 12, 2023 37 3

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