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Photo features lead singer and saxophonist performing underneath the blue hue of a stage light. The heads of crowd members can be seen lining the bottom of the photo.


A Beginner’s Guide to a Summer of Local Sounds

By Avery Viers Local Music Journalist With the arrival of finals signaling the end of yet another spring semester, Texas State students are beginning to find themselves with a suspicious amount of free time on their hands. While frequenting the San Marcos River and roaming The Square may offer themselves convenient ways to pass the time, an increase in local live music events can also act as a relief to […]

todayMay 9, 2022 58 1

Cover features musical artist SZA sitting outside in front of a mountain of broken, outdated computer monitors. She is sitting directly on the long, wispy grass, wearing shorts, a camisole with a unbuttoned flannel, and socks.


Why You Should Let Music Enable You This Break Up Season

By Avery Viers Music Journalist Though the Texas cedar offers itself as a convenient alibi to teary eyes and runny noses this spring, it seems as though the true culprit of the economic spike in rose and cookie dough ice cream may be slightly more sinister. With the holiday season officially over, the cyclical break-up season is upon us. For some, the looming threat of relational stress and commitment issues […]

todayApril 25, 2022 20 1

Photo features outdoor stage at nighttime, lit up by an array of string lights. Window Shop is pictured playing on stage, playing in front of a small crowd of onlooking fans.


A Lazy 4/20: Window Shop Live at Lazydaze Coffeeshop

By Avery Viers Music Journalist With the surplus of *activities* that were available to the residents of San Marcos this past Wednesday, you may have missed some of the live shows planned to celebrate the happy, hazy holiday. With just a $7 cover fee, Lazydaze Coffeeshop hosted their "Lazy 4/20" event in their backyard lounge area, complete with an outdoor stage and other local vendors joining in the celebration. Forming […]

todayApril 24, 2022 79

Album features a black and white portrait of Omar Apollo, shirtless. A shadow is cast and covers Apollo below his shoulders. “IVORY” is written across his frame.


Why Fans Can’t Wait for Omar Apollo’s Newest Album Ivory

By Avery Viers Music Journalist Within one year of uploading his first single to Spotify in 2017, then 19-year-old singer-songwriter Omar Apollo received over 15 million streams. Now, at 24 years old, Apollo begins his “Desvelado” Tour with Deb Never on April 5th — just a few days before the release of his first full-length debut studio album, Ivory, on April 8th, 2022. Since the release of “Ugotme” just five […]

todayApril 13, 2022 23

Photo features the silhouette of Pop Singer Charli XCX alone on stage, holding her arms in the air as she takes in the applause. She is standing in front of a digital projection of what seems to be silver satin.


“It’s Charli, Baby!”: Charli XCX at Moody Theater

Avery Viers Music Journalist Despite being someone who is shamelessly intimidated by the culture of Pop Music in 2022, I found myself sitting in the TicketMaster waiting room last fall determined to acquire tickets for (what would eventually be) the best show I would attend so far this year. With this concert being my first experience with competitive ticket purchasing, I am pretty sure I blacked out for most of […]

todayApril 10, 2022 65 3

Photo features Dodie on stage alongside her band wearing a cowboy hat while playing the ukelele. Purple lights act as a backdrop in addition to a white neon sign behind the band that reads “dodie.”


I Saw Dodie Live and All I Got Was This Lousy Emotional Turmoil: Live at Emo’s Austin

By Avery Viers Local Music Journalist This one’s for the niche group of Lizzy McAlpine enthusiasts as I write my second article (back to back, no less) that she’s made an appearance in; you are seen, you are not alone. With that being said, I had the awesome opportunity to cover Dodie’s Build A Problem Tour on March 10th, and it’s probably all I will be talking about for the […]

todayMarch 28, 2022 23

Album cover features the right-side profile of Lizzy McAlpine, presumably taken at night, backlit by what seems to be a streetlight.


Behind the Tour with Lizzy McAlpine: New Music, Fond Memories and What’s Ahead

By Avery Viers Local Music Journalist Now three weeks into accompanying Dodie on their Build A Problem Tour, it’s no secret that Lizzy McAlpine’s youthful sea of fans is only the beginning of what’s to come amid the early stages of the Philadelphia-born singer-songwriter’s career. First releasing music during the infancy of her career in 2018, McAlpine was finally able to take to the road earlier this year in preparation […]

todayMarch 28, 2022 66

Image depicts Eli Josef center stage, accompanied by his two band mates on each side. A disco ball is seen in the top left corner.


Here’s What You Missed: Eli Josef at The Ballroom

By Avery Viers Local Music Journalist For the first time since November 2021, it was no surprise that Eli Josef's comeback to the stage this past weekend was full of excitement and energy- making the performance an undeniably memorable experience for all of us who were lucky enough to attend. Kickstarting his musical career at 17, Josef's discography is refreshingly new. First receiving widespread social media recognition in 2019 from […]

todayFebruary 28, 2022 126 5 2

The album cover features a psychedelic collage that pictures a woman’s mouth over images of neon lights, a naked man and woman, all over a backdrop of a group of women standing against a building.


Something Old, Something New: Why Euphoria’s Season Two Soundtrack Has Everyone Talking

By Avery Viers Local Music Journalist Curated by the series’ phenomenal music supervisor Jen Malone, the season two soundtrack for HBO’s critically acclaimed teen drama Euphoria has been dominating social media platforms since it hit the streaming service earlier this year. Featuring an eclectic collection of tracks from a diverse span of genres, it seems the appreciation of this season’s soundtrack lasts far after the rolling of the show’s credits. […]

todayFebruary 13, 2022 108 3 2

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