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The Art of Allowing Loneliness

By Lea Mercado Web Content Assistant Manager "I think I'm going to get a cat," I said as my mom listened on the other end of the call. We were on our third call of the day, which wasn't unusual as she often called to make sure that I ate something that wasn't prepackaged. She countered with a reminder of my cat allergy before asking why I wanted a cat. […]

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The Importance of being alone

By Stacey RamirezWeb Content Contributor Dr. Seuss’s book "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" has become a staple graduation gift given to thousands each year. It became a popular gift to give graduates because of its messages about exploring the world and what to expect from it. At first, I thought this book was just a novelty gift, something that looks like you put effort into instead of just shoving money […]

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It’s OK To Be Single

By Garrett McGinley Web Content Contributor There is nothing more desirable for a person than to be loved. Love defines a significant portion of our culture and lives, as it certainly should. However, there is one specific type that seems to overpower the rest: romantic love. We are beat over the head with romance. From sappy love songs to tacky rom-coms, we are constantly told that there is someone out […]

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A Guide to Loneliness

By Claire Hansen Blog Content Contributor One can be lonely for any number of reasons-- maybe you’ve just moved to San Marcos and haven’t found your niche yet, you’re too busy to have much of a social life, you’ve just gotten out of a relationship or perhaps you’re in a long distance relationship and what’s close to you is simply too far away. Or, maybe you’re just a hardcore introvert […]

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