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It’s OK To Be Single

By Garrett McGinley
Web Content Contributor

There is nothing more desirable for a person than to be loved. Love defines a significant portion of our culture and lives, as it certainly should. However, there is one specific type that seems to overpower the rest: romantic love.

We are beat over the head with romance. From sappy love songs to tacky rom-coms, we are constantly told that there is someone out there for us. While that very well might be true, I would argue the time we spend alone is every bit as important as the time we spend in a relationship.

I should include a caveat: I am currently in a relationship with a person that I hope to, in some capacity, have around for the rest of my life. With that said, there was a time when I was not. There was a time when I felt lost and alone. It was during this time that I truly began to learn who I was.

Without delving too deep into details, I had tried to force a relationship with someone that I shouldn’t have and predictably it failed. It hurt, badly even. I spent the first couple of months halfway loving them while simultaneously hating them, all while desperately trying to distract myself until I eventually plateaued.

I then spent the entirety of that doldrum alone. I used that time to reflect on who I am, who I want to be and what I want from the various aspects of life. From there I was able to slowly climb myself out of what I realized was a self-made hole.

Even as I began to rebuild, I didn’t immediately find the person I’m currently with. I used this time to make up some of the fun I had been missing out on, improve my mental health and strengthen relationships with friends and family. I feel like my time alone ultimately helped make me a stronger person and partner.

When there is too much of a focus on romantic love, other aspects of life suffer. If you find yourself single, use this time to bolster your other types of relationships and look for the various other types of love. If you find yourself in romantic relationship, make sure it’s healthy and take time to cherish them as often as you can.

Featured image by Garrett McGinley.


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