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We Support Black Lives Matter

By KTSW Web Content Staff
KTSW Web Content

As a station, we have delayed making a statement on the Black Lives Matter movement and this has delayed our writers from being able to share their voices and opinions on the matter. We are deeply apologetic toward our community for not showing our open support sooner.

Now that we have taken steps toward addressing the issues that are affecting the black community, the content creators that our reads interact with each week wanted to share their voices and opinions.

The Web Content staff decided to create a list of statements that define their support for the Black Lives Matter movement and show that we are listening and learning to better serve our community as a whole.

Here is a list of the accumulated statements from a few of the Web Content staff members.

“The hashtag is no longer trending on Twitter; however, the Black Lives Matter movement is still just as relevant. This fight needs to continue within ourselves every day and with every interaction we have, continuing to apply what we have learned as a result of this movement. Black Lives Matter today, tomorrow and forever.”

 – Rachael Gerron

“You can’t deny the deeply-rooted systematic racism that lies in the police force, housing, banks, healthcare and more sectors of American life that were implemented by America’s dark history. To deny that our history still holds a part of everyday life for black Americans is the epitome of privilege itself. The Black Lives Matter movement fights for justice and for good reason. I vow to be an ally for my friends and family and use my platform as a journalist in my career to help spread awareness and understanding of the cause. Change only occurs when people can recognize inequality and fight to make a change for the good of humanity. Silence is the oppressor. Black lives matter.”

– Ally Bolender

“Just like the Civil Rights Movement, Black Lives Matter is not political. There are no sides to choose here — it’s human rights. The Black community has faced hundreds of years of oppression in this country through systemic racism, state-sanctioned violence and other social inequalities. This is why we stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement: because all lives can’t matter until Black lives do.”

– Brittany Anderson

“The Black Lives Matter movement has been an issue that has been pushed to the side by society for too long and now that it has finally been given the attention it deserves, there are real changes taking place. Voices matter. Opinions matter. Once we stop being scared to speak out against injustice, that is when the world changes. Our government is fueled by systematic racism that oppresses minorities and takes advantage of their communities and it is time for our voices to be heard and fix the damage that has been done.”

– Piper Blake

“Black Lives Matter is about human rights: the right to not be killed simply because the color of your skin is viewed as a threat, the right to not have to fear for your life for simply walking down the street or going for a jog. It is a fight to be treated equally. Valuing human life is not a political issue and should not be treated as such.”

– Jernice Kelley

“The injustice that has built our society is phenomenal. The presence of Black Lives Matter and additional civil rights movements aim to dismantle our hazardous foundation and rebuild to give marginalized communities a voice.”

– Jessica Bazaldua

“We might have seen this phrase many times but I think it’s still the most enlightening: “It’s not enough to not be racist we have to be anti-racist.” Before the Black Lives Matter movement, many of us knew it existed, but believed that as long as we weren’t contributing to the issue, that was enough. But that’s like believing that if we turn around and not pour gasoline in the fire it will eventually go away.” 

-Stacey Ramirez

Featured image by Piper Blake via Canva.

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