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Regarding Resolutions

By Chelyse Prevost Blog Content Contributor It’s finally here. You’re drinking more water, sleeping better, and doing away with problematic habits. You’re channeling through distractions and toxic people. Speaking everything into existence is essential because, yes, you are serious this year. Whether you practice what you preach from day one or halfway through the year, […]

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Marching For the Future

By Kaitlyn Benacquisto News Reporter The Austin community marched from City Hall to the Texas Capitol in support of women’s rights on Saturday, the one year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration. A rally held at Austin City Hall calling for Mr. Trump’s impeachment preceded the march. Women, men and politicians alike marched down South […]

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Exploring Rave Culture at Lights All Night

By Renee Dominguez Photojournalist KTSW has graced us with a variety of festival coverage over the years. We have seen the likes of psychedelic festivals like End It End Hip, indie/alternative/folk festivals like UTOPiA Fest, even a hip hop festival, Mala Luna. Something we have never see is coverage from an electronic dance music festival. […]

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Why We Should Be Worried(ish)

By Andrew Zimmel Sports Reporter Pessimist and Worry-Wart I am usually the first person to leave during a fire alarm. There is nothing wrong with me, I just run faster than the rest of the people out of the building. Whether it is a drill or the real deal I am the first person out. […]

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