Community Demands the Release of Undocumented and Detained Victor Avendado-Rodriguez

By Camelia Juarez
Assistant Director

Local immigrant groups such as Mano Amiga and Wimberley Indivisible, as well as students from Wimberley High School and other members of the Hays County community, gathered at the Hays County Jail to make a public statement demanding undocumented immigrant, Victor Rodriguez, be released.

According to Sheriff Gary Cutler’s press release, Rodriguez was stopped by Kyle police for a traffic violation on Jan. 30. Rodriguez was arrested and sent to jail for having two warrants out for driving without a license and violating promise to appear in court which are Class C misdemeanors. At the Hays County Jail he admitted to being undocumented. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was notified and Rodriguez was sent to Austin for processing.

Natalie Rodriguez’s classmates support her during a rally for her father’s release. Photo by Camelia Juarez.

Mano Amiga and their followers bombarded Cutler’s office with calls and messages demanding the release for Rodriguez. Rodriguez’s daughter, Natalie, was center stage in tears begging for the return of her father. Her classmates from Wimberley High School showed comfort with hugs and phone calls demanding the release of Natalie’s father.

The outcry around the situation has brought attention to candidates running for state representatives, such as Erin Zwiener and Ruben Becerra. Both criticize the government on local, state and federal levels for being responsible for breaking up the Rodriguez family.

Mano Amiga leader, Karen Munoz, says Cutler has the authority to use his judgment and release Rodriguez because he is not a threat. For more information, visit Mano Amiga’s Facebook page.

Featured image by Camelia Juarez.

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