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Shiloh Dynasty: The Vibe that has defined my college learning “I’m not a look, I’m a feeling”


Shiloh Dynasty: The Vibe that has Defined My College Learning

By Jason ArlineMusic Journalist Whenever there has been a time when I needed to study I often play music softly in the background to help calm my mood and prepare my mind for learning. I find that both jazz and lo-fi music allow room for thought since they usually don’t have lyrics in their songs. However, since studying usually takes hours of my time, most music playlists don’t last the […]

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Marc Rebillet Performing

DJ Spotlights

Artist Spotlight: Marc Rebillet AKA Loop Daddy

By Jason ArlineMusic Journalist As many artists have adapted to the challenges of making music due to COVID-19, few have thrived in the new landscape like Marc Rebillet. Through his live streams and the influx of users on internet media outlets like Reddit, Facebook and sharing/creating memes out of his content, Rebillet’s fanbase has grown significantly. Self-proclaimed Loop Daddy, The Dallas Pianist, Comedian, DJ, Actor and Vocalist, utilizes a BOSS […]

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Album Review: “No Pressure” by Logic

By Jason ArlineMusic Journalist “No Pressure” is the sixth and final studio album by Maryland rapper Logic and follows the rapper’s announcement of retirement a week before. The album is co-produced along with hip-hop legend No I.D and marks six years since Logic last collaborated with him on its predecessor, “Under Pressure.” Within that time, Logic released four other albums, a soundtrack, six mixtapes and a book. Throughout Logic's career, […]

todayAugust 4, 2020 69

The Light Pack Album Art


Joey Bada$$: The Light Pack Review

By Jason ArlineMusic Journalist It has been three years since Joey Bada$$ released his album All-American Bada$$. Since then, all that we have heard from him are his featured verses on the Beast Coast albums and some of Powers Pleasants’ records.  Often regarded as one of the best rappers to hail from New York, Joey’s signature hard-hitting flow, similar to that of The Notorious B.I.G., has been missed over the […]

todayJuly 27, 2020 237

he text “Politically Active Rappers” in Bold blue Text and the Text “other than Kanye” with a image of a artist in a studio session as the background and bordered with stars and red white and blue stripes”


Politically Active Rappers

By Jason ArlineMusic Journalist While the public has become no stranger to Kanye West’s ties in politics with his recent announcement to run in the 2020 presidential election and his former endorsement of Donald Trump, many rappers have sought similar political ventures. As artists, rappers share a connection with their communities and the places they chose to call home. This has always been well represented within their music. Most rappers […]

todayJuly 13, 2020 151

The Image contains multiple black people holding signs in protest that say “Black Lives Matter”, “I’ Can't Breathe” and multiple others.


Black Lives Matter: A Collaborative Playlist

By Jason Arline, Christopher Brocker, Ethan Hamilton and Gage SuttonMusic Journalists Enraged, infuriated, sadness and despair. These are just a few of the words that encapsulate the feelings of Black Americans and people today after the murder of George Floyd due to excessive police force. This situation has lit a fire over hundreds of years of oppression against the Black community at the hands of police. Protestors have been gathering […]

todayJune 16, 2020 561

Guided Explorations Album Cover


RZA: Guided Explorations Review

By Jason ArlineMusic Journalist With stay-at-home orders being in effect across the country, many of us find ourselves in isolation and separated from the daily events in our lives that keep us in serenity. Many of us have had to adjust to being isolated these past few months and while some have been able to maintain their composure others are on the verge of a mental breakdown. It is at […]

todayApril 23, 2020 2531

Kanye West and Eminem


Artist Comparison: Eminem vs. Kanye West

By Jason ArlineMusic Journalist Since the early days of hip-hop on the streets of New York, the age-old question of “who is the best?” has been fought over and debated incessantly throughout the history of the music industry. Revolutionaries like Grandmaster Flash, Rick Rubin, and Run DMC paved way for the future artist who would eventually turn Rap into the #1 musical genre in entertainment. Their dedication to the music […]

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A Written Testimony Album Art


Jay Electronica: A Written Testimony Album Review

By Jason ArlineMusic Journalist In hip-hop, you don’t need the superstardom status of a Drake or Lil Wayne to gain the respect of your peers. Your lyrical skill and originality when you rap is your resume and few artists have one with as much quality, yet lacking in quantity, as Jay Electronica.  Elpadaro F. Electronica Allah, known by his stage name, Jay Electronica, has put out music that is lyrically […]

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