Shiloh Dynasty: The Vibe that has defined my college learning “I’m not a look, I’m a feeling”

Shiloh Dynasty: The Vibe that has Defined My College Learning

By Jason Arline
Music Journalist

Whenever there has been a time when I needed to study I often play music softly in the background to help calm my mood and prepare my mind for learning. I find that both jazz and lo-fi music allow room for thought since they usually don’t have lyrics in their songs.

However, since studying usually takes hours of my time, most music playlists don’t last the full session requiring me to stop and change songs. This led me to use a YouTube playlist since they are live and hours of relaxing music. As I have continued to listen to playlists while I study, one voice has appeared repeatedly and resonated throughout, and that voice is Shiloh Dynasty.

Shiloh Dynasty is a singer and guitarist from Maryland who gained popularity back in 2014 on Vine with original videos of them singing and playing guitar. These went viral as people were mesmerized by their soothing yet somber voice.

Shiloh Dynasty’s music makes you feel a sense of longing that’s as mysterious as the artist is. It’s like searching for something lost but can’t be described for what it truly was. 

Shiloh’s music and vines have been sampled heavily over the years since their release. Their vocals arguably drove the genre of bedroom lo-fi music with how many times they appeared in songs. They perfectly captured that deep-cut vocal that is almost incomprehensible but makes you feel more than it makes you think.

This led Shiloh’s music to be sampled by producer Potsu, whose song was then flipped by the late rapper XXXTentacion on “Jocelyn Flores”. Shiloh was also sampled by the late rapper Juice WRLD on his track “Run”. While both of these artists achieved noticeable success from these songs, Shiloh Dynasty remains a mystery. Shiloh’s had plenty of opportunities to take the spotlight but has remained silent over the years as other artists continue to sample their music.

College Music, one of the biggest live streaming channels on YouTube with one million subscribers has an entire stream dedicated to Shiloh sampled music. At any given time there are hundreds of people listening to the voice of Shiloh as they go about their day or study for classes.

Shiloh has developed a following while people never really had something to follow. Their voice and music are like wind almost; it passes by bringing comfort and then is gone until it appears again suddenly. You can never tell where it’s from but it’s always been there for you, that’s what Shiloh Dynasty is to college students everywhere.

They are a feeling of peace in times of stress, a somber longing that takes shape in many forms but sends the same message. Shiloh Dynasty has made many college students’ most stressing times bearable and defined part of what the emo-rap genre is for the past five years. Just like the wind, our college lives, and the rap superstars that acknowledged their talent, Shiloh Dynasty is here and gone but not without leaving something incredible to thank them for like the rest.

Feature image created by Jason Arline

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