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10 Reasons Why Pizza Is Amazing

By Brent Ramirez Blog Content Contributor Pizza is something we’ve all been around at one point in our lives. It’s the food that keeps on giving, and it’s so incredible that there are even parties dedicated in its name. Many of us grew up eating pizza, and it’s a food we still eat to this very day. There’s no debate as to whether or not pizza is a beautiful thing. […]

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Fighting the Freshman 15

By Janessa Rutiaga Blog Content Contributor A freshman’s biggest fear: the freshman 15; The (sometimes) unavoidable 15 pounds of weight gain that comes from new found freedom, stress and Gumby’s midnight pizza. In high school, you have a set breakfast and lunch, plus regulated physical activity at least once a day. Coming into college, you have none of that. It’s your own responsibility to make sure you eat your veggies […]

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Click’N’Pizza: An Easier Way to Order Pizza

By Katelyn Hawkes Blog Content Contributor You know what’s great? Pizza. You know what else is great? Pizza delivered to your house with a push of a button. That’s it. We have a fine future ahead of us, people! An Italian start up company, La Comanda, invented the Click’N’Pizza, a red, magnetic button that sits on your fridge. Pre-program your top three favorite delivery orders, enter in your card information […]

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