Erin Pollack, News Web Editor

Hello, my name is Erin and I’m majoring in Electronic Media with a minor in Theater. This is my second semester working for KTSW – I am the News Web Editor for Web Content staff, and now I am the news director for Bobcat Update (Texas State’s newscast) on Thursday nights! I have a few favorite things in life and they are: music, the internet and chocolate. Continue reading Erin Pollack, News Web Editor

Dylan Lochridge-Fletcher, Photographer

Hey all, I’m Dylan Lochridge-Fletcher! I’m currently a junior studying Mass Communication with an Art & Design minor. This is my second semester at KTSW and first as Photographer for the station. In my free time I also work for Apple! My passions include photography, music, concerts and my two pets, a cat name Jade & a hedgehog named Swarley. Continue reading Dylan Lochridge-Fletcher, Photographer

Jacqueline Parchois, Music Web Editor

Jacqueline Parchois, who affectionately goes by “Jay-Quellin” (at the request of her peers) is a junior at Texas State University, majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Writing. She enjoys long walks on the beach, breakfast foods, consuming vast quantities of coffee, binge watching bad crime dramas on Netflix, and taking pictures with her cat Wilson. She aspires to be an English teacher, helping high school juniors or seniors, but she is afraid that might limited the time she can binge watch her shows. Continue reading Jacqueline Parchois, Music Web Editor