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Thank You, KTSW

todayMay 11, 2018 11

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By Claire Hansen
Blog Content Contributor

I’ve tried really hard the past two semesters never to write in first-person, but this article is going to be different. Why, you ask? Well, I think it would be a shame for me to not mention in my last article that this is my last article. Not for the sake of anyone reading, but for the sake of myself. Working for KTSW has helped me achieve so many things, from landing internships to helping me build a strong portfolio. I can’t just end my run with something lighthearted and fun like usual! I must say thank you, both to my fellow staff members and to whoever took the time to read any of my posts. On top of that, if there’s anything I’d like this last article to accomplish, it would be to inspire others to look into joining the staff and see what KTSW can do for them. If you need some convincing, here’s a rundown of my experience:

The learning aspect

First of all, there is a huge variety of positions that exist within KTSW. I was lucky enough to hold three of them — web content (obviously), social media, and graphic design. All three pinpointed the type of experience I was looking to get and my gain from them extended far beyond what I had imagined. I didn’t know exactly what I was getting myself into at the time, but sometimes those leaps turn out to be the most rewarding. For me, it was liberating to be put in an environment where I could learn without being taught. Unlike the classes we sign up for at Texas State, KTSW is not an organization of textbook-teaching and grade-earning, yet the intellectual gain is equivalent. When you are selected for a position at KTSW, the content you put forth is primarily up to you. You take what you’ve learned in your classes and apply it to an actual purpose, without all the pressure you’d feel in a paid position. It’s awesome.

The resume aspect

Having experience with something like KTSW on your resume is fantastic because it’s along the same lines as having an internship. It’s real-world experience, but you’re doing it alongside students who are in the same boat you are! It’s not intimidating at all and provides the perfect bridge between a school environment and a work environment. Plus, when you work at KTSW your position has an actual title, which will look even better on your resume and will show future employers what exactly you did there.

The social aspect

Shoutout to the web content team (including those who aren’t pictured) for being so friendly and helpful. I’ll never forget you guys! Photo courtesy of Hannah Wisterman.

The friends you make at KTSW are just an added bonus. Everyone’s really friendly and chill — exactly how you’d imagine a San Marcos radio station to be. Outside of the awesome work experience, I am grateful for KTSW because it gave me a sense of belonging and worth. It felt so good to be a part of something, to know you were contributing to something bigger, while also helping yourself out, too. Although I was only involved with KTSW for just two short semesters, I have made valuable friendships that I will cherish forever.

The work aspect

In case you’re curious about joining, the actual work aspect of KTSW (such as office hours, requirements, etc) is a very laid back, yet has a structured and organized flow of work. When you’re chosen for a position, you’ll figure out what hours you’ll be working and then be expected to come in at those times and do your thing! It is a really nice break from the classroom vibe since you are being counted on to fulfill your actual responsibilities rather than just showing up to be taught and lectured to. You feel like an adult, with valuable talents and a purpose. The office provides a great workspace — it’s like our own private library, but with the hottest tunes to listen to, a fridge to keep your lunch in, a whiteboard to write messages, and more. Plus it’s on campus, so it only takes a short walk from class to get this valuable work experience!

Overall, I would have to say KTSW has been a complete blessing to myself and my future career. I think it would be a great idea for anyone searching for a sense of purpose and preparation for the job market to look into joining this fantastic organization. My only regret about KTSW was not joining sooner. If you enjoy music, fun people, and a stellar chance to get real-world work experience, I would definitely recommend giving KTSW a shot!

Lastly, to the radio station as a whole, my fellow staff members, and whoever took the time to read my articles: Thank you. I have gained so much from working here and wouldn’t trade my experience for the world. Because of KTSW, I have a rockin’ portfolio, tons of valuable experience, a strong resume, and made lots of friends along the way, too. To those who have considered joining KTSW, do it. I promise you won’t regret it.

Long live college radio!!

Featured image by Claire Hansen.

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