Dream Perfect Regime: Who is DPR?

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By Zoe Elter
Music Journalist

Imagine working at a company where you have almost complete creative control and all of your coworkers are some of your closest friends.

It sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what Dream Perfect Regime, known as DPR, is.

DPR is “a fully independent entertainment label, reduced down to just a group of friends,” based out of Seoul, South Korea. The members of the DPR crew come together to write, produce, edit and direct all of their own music and visual content.

The idea behind DPR is something that is so unique in the music industry, especially in South Korea, being managed almost 100% internally. They don’t have to have millions of contacts within the industry to make art. They break boundaries because the only limitation that they really face is their own minds.

Their collective friendship and friendships with their fans makes them feel authentic, but judging by the work that they put out, it’s hard to tell at first glance. So new fans might feel intimidated, but once you pull back the layers, it’s easy to fall in love with them.

They are real people. They are simply a group of friends–a family–with a common goal. They started with no financial backing or support, building their team from the ground up. In my opinion, they are some of the most down to earth and authentic artists I’ve come across to this day.

So who is DPR, exactly? Well, I’m here to break it down for you, and introduce the faces behind this articulate machine.


Christian Yu, originally from Sydney, Australia, is the founder, director and chief editor of DPR. Many fans of the K-pop scene may have known him as Rome from C-Clown, a group that publicly announced their disbandment in late 2015.

The group had been radio silent, and unassuming fans had little clues to the masterpiece that Yu was creating behind closed doors. He’s a musician turned director, which means that he understands the process in a way that is completely unique to him.

He’s credited for various music videos for huge names in the Korean music scene: “HOLUP!” by Bobby of iKON, “BODY” by Mino, “Movie Shoot” by Loco, and even “WAKE ME UP” by Taeyang.


When asked to describe DPR, Scott Kim’s answer was short and sweet: “Freedom.”

Once again, if you’re a fan of the K-pop scene, you might already know Kim. He partnered with Amber of f(x) on their YouTube channel, WhatthePineapple. He helped in the creation of her music video “BORDERS” alongside the DPR crew, and is even featured in her music video, “Other People.” But Kim is DPR’s production manager and executive producer. Which means that he deals with anything management related. He even takes care of making their merch!

DPR Live

If you’ve ever heard “DPR” before, odds are, it’s because of Hong Dabin, more commonly known as DPR Live. Anytime you hear his tagline “Coming to you live,” you know that you’re in for a treat. In a sense, Dabin is their frontman. He decided to move to South Korea from Guam to chase his dream of becoming a performer. He raps, he sings and he knows how to put on a show.

His name directly translates to the role that he plays in Dream Perfect Regime. Since his debut as DPR Live, Dabin has put out 3 EP’s with Dream Perfect Regime and a full-length album titled “IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?”

DPR Cream

Kim Hyung-mo is the man behind many of DPR’s musical masterpieces. He is a producer, but he also sings and raps as well. He produced a majority of “Coming to you Live,” DPR Live’s debut album. And he made his solo performance debut with “The Voyager 737.” He is also a part of the k-indie duo, LAYBACKSOUND. Much like the majority of his music, “Color Dive” is constantly stuck in my head.


Last, but certainly not least is Lee Sung-Joo, also known as Jimmy Cline. He specializes in various forms of marketing and production. He is LIVE’s cousin and DPR’s own personal hype man. In all honesty, this man is a mystery. DPR fans don’t know much about Cline, but we love him all the same. Other than a few sightings in DPR music videos and his love for video games, Cline remains a mystery.

Hopefully this article has peaked your interest and sparked a newfound love for Dream Perfect Regime. I could go on about the impact that this group has had on me and it’s fans, but honestly I would rather let their work speak for itself.

You can check them out on all social platforms and even visit their website for even more! Make sure to stream “IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?” on all platforms.

Featured image retrieved from Dream Perfect Regime website.

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