Other Side Drive Catch-Up

Other Side Drive

Stephanie and Garrett were able to speak with Austin Film Fest’s Kristen the impression it leaves on the community and celebrities.

“I think the fact that we’re helping bring film to Austin is a really big impact”

-Kristen of Austin Film Fest

Chocolate Charlie and DJ Hales geek out with Austin’s MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR and the one-man band My Empty Phantom about scream queens, band times, and much more.

“We found out we were playing as a 2-piece about 10 minutes before we went on stage”


“When they’re done applauding you can hear a pen drop, it’s amazing”

My Empty Phantom

Anyssa got the opportunity to talk with the guys from Austin’s Super Lite Bike

“Get me away from this stuff and let’s write new stuff”


David and Jose got down with the guys and gals of Austin based RawPaw magazine

“We started having poetry potlucks”


KTSW Webmaster

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