Music Review: Language Room – Skin & Heart & Lungs


Release date: January 3, 2013
Label: Language Room
Review by: Jose Gonzalez

Forming in 2007; Language room and members Scott Graham, and Todd Sapio met during SXSW, and began putting ideas together; thus forming Language Room. Austin was their new home once the band was completed, and the process of putting “Skin & Heart & Lungs” out was made. This Ep truly delivers, and tracks like “Open air (all I ever got from love)” can sweep you off your feet, and you can’t help but lose yourself in this song. “Kerosene” is another upbeat track that you continue toe tapping too, and overwhelmed by Todd Sapio’s vocals. Overall, “Skin & Heart& Lungs” is great and carries an up lifting tone with its emotional lyrics, and the only problem with this ep was the lack of tracks, but this is just a begging for this Austin band who can be seen at local venues performing this year.

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