Daily News Recap (1-30-15)

By Holly Henrichsen
Assistant Web Content Manager

alkekcroppedFormer Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney announced that he will not be making a third run for President in 2016. Multiple Romney aides have confirmed that he plans to help however he can to help elect a GOP nominee for the presidential bid. During the announcement, Romney mentioned that it would be best to give other leaders in the party the opportunity to become the nominee.

Yesterday during the Muslim Capitol Day, protesters gained some infamy by sharing some intolerant opinions towards Muslims. The annual event is a chance for both Muslims and non-Muslims to come together to promote religious tolerance. Protesters criticized Muslims, saying they believe they should not practice their faith in America. The Council of Islamic – American Relations says that it is up to the students to address the ignorance some have towards the Islamic culture.

The San Marcos Police Department has seen a 98% increase of calls relating to mental health issues. San Marcos Police Chief Chase Stapp said in 2014 that the police department responded to approximately 700 mental health investigations over the time span of 2 years. These calls can occupy an officer for up to a day depending on whether or not the patient needs to be transported for in-patient treatment. SMPD is seeking funding for the department to expand their mental health unit with an addition of 2 mental health officers for the county.

The Texas State University’s Department of Curriculum and Instruction have partnered with the Art Education Department to host STREAM Fest. STREAM Fest is a free, interactive art festival that provides hands-on opportunities for artists to show how they use other disciplines to create art. STREAM stands for Science, Technology, Reading and Writing, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics, and each booth will have a theme associated with one of the words in STREAM. STREAM Fest will be held in the San Marcos Activity Center on Saturday from 11 – 4 pm.

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