Lauren Stotler. Photo from

Student Government Election Results

by DaLyah Jones
Story aired February 2015



The Texas State Student Government recently held their presidential election and newly elected president Lauren Stotler is morethan happy with the results. Stotler says she can’t wait to take her newly elected positions because she has many plans for the organization.

Lauren Stotler. Photo from
Lauren Stotler. Photo from

“One of the first things that I want to do is make sure people want to join student government,” said Stotler. “We have a few senators who just got elected tonight, but I also want to get a little bit more and I want to go around to organizations and talk to them and get them involved as well.”

Stotler wasn’t the only newly elected official. Tyler Barton, newly elected vice president, also has a few strategies and says he is ready to implement in his upcoming term.

“I would like to get our Pride Traditions committee for next year involved in making our veterans feel better about [themselves] at here at the university I’m just excited to be representing Texas State and I’m just doing everything I can to make it better,” said Burton.

Current student government president Tiffany Young says she feels that the presidential position has helped her grow as a leader and she also has a few words of advice for the newly elected officials.

“Stay organized and keep up with things because things can pile up very quickly, with emails, with phone calls, with different people wanting to do interviews, and so if you get a good head start you make sure everything is in order honestly it can only go smoothly from there,” said Young.

For more on the Texas State Student Government visit the student government page on the Texas Stats website.

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