Endless Summer: Float Edition (Playlist)

Endless Summer PlaylistBy KTSW Music Staff

Soak up some San Marcos sun and crank up this Spotify playlist filled with handpicked summer tunes from your KTSW Music Staff! Endless Summer: Float Edition is best paired with an inflatable tube, the sweet smells of sun screen, and a group of your best friends floating along the San Marcos river. This 45 minute playlist is jam packed with lighthearted and upbeat tracks that will even get the strangers across the water on their feet and singing along to the hooks of these catchy tunes.

  1. “(Dawning Of A) New Era” by The Specials: ” It’s a little fast paced but it’s some of the best ska ever recorded. The intro on the guitar and drums has a nice surf vibe to it and the tempo is pretty quick throughout the track. Can’t go wrong with the Specials on a summer day.” – Troy Burke
  2. Our Love Will Always Remain” by The Aquadolls: “Hailing from the state that is seemingly always sunny, The Aquadolls has shaped their sound around the influence of the southern California shores. With a beachy guitar riff, and cheeky lyrics this song will have you feeling one with the water” – Janelle Abad
  3. “FFunny FFriends” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra: “I’ve been listening to this song on repeat for the past few weeks now! Summer is about hanging out with your friends, and having absolutely no worries or stresses with school being out. This song is incredibly catchy and I love the instrumentals in this song. It’s great, and every time I listen to it I feel like calling up a friend to go do some mad activities. ” – Allison Belcher
  4. “Swing Me On A Vine of Sunshine” by The Lulu Raes: “It’s super pop-ey and Summery and just reminds me of that disgustingly glorious feeling of spending the whole day at the beach and your skin being semi-sunburned and your feet still have a nice coat of sand batter when you get in the car to drive home and eat otter pops. Goodness I can’t wait for summer! ” – Westin Boland
  5. “So High” by Ringo Deathstarr: “This song is upbeat, and simple; thats how I like to spend my summer days. This song makes me want to dance, or hula hoop by the river. It’s a fun song to listen to especially when your head is in the clouds.” – Nicole Kukla
  6. “Summer Sun” by Koop: “I imagine I’m dancing on a fancy yacht sipping something fruity with my squad, yet in reality I’m probably sitting in a tube at my apartment’s pool because it’s too hot to walk to Sewell. Summer Sun sounds like a montage of GoPro videos from exotic vacations, cruise ships, trips to Cabo, etc etc… a girl can dream!” – Kendra Sells
  7. “Cameo Lover – Sam Sparro & Golden Touch Remix” by Kimbra: “The reason I choose this song because there are two aspects to the song that captivate the listener. The first part is the music that makes you want to blend in with your surroundings and soak in the summer sound. After you embrace the sounds of the song the vocals comes in complementing the song in perfect harmony. As for what I think of when I hear this song – laying in a field with people dancing around as the summer breeze rolls by.” – Matthew Raya
  8. “A Dancing Shell” by Wild Nothing: “This song reminds me of summer romances and walking down boardwalks. Wild Nothing make quintessential summer jams.” – Bridgette East
  9. “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd – Brittany Robinson
  10. “No Bad Vibez” by Rich White Ladies: This song has that sort of new classic carefree vibe and a nice nostalgic touch that makes it the perfect song for your summer road trip playlist. While simplistic at best, the infectious hook and powerful bass line provide more than enough charm to have you humming this catching tune for days after you hear it.” – Tafari Robertson
  11. “Happy Idiot” by TV On The Radio: “This is the song I have started my summer to.  I like to put it on in the morning to put myself in a good mood!” – Brittany Godwin
  12. “Skeleton” by The Front Bottoms: “The intro of this song reminds me of watching Disney Channel shows as a kid in California with my friends around a box of cheese pizza, and popsicle during the commercial breaks. The Front Bottoms are the kind of band that you can’t sing along to without breaking out into a yell. Brian Sella’s unique pop-punkesque voice and homely lyrics make this song a great one for any 3+ person hang.” – Janelle Abad
  13. “Poison” by Waxahatchee: “I picked it because it’s cheerful sounding. Also, it reminds me of sitting at the lake with your lover and just being there in that moment. Like, a montage of spending the summer day with them.” – Ranisha Shipp
  14. “Familiar” by Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment: “The keys and trumpet give this track a bit of an island vibe. It’s probably what summer would sound like if it was a band. It’s a really fun song with cool instruments intertwined with dope rap sounds and influence. This project isn’t available on Spotify, but you can catch it on iTunes for free!” – Taryn Peters

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