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The album cover is three men on horses dressed in a silver hooded trench coat and cowboy hats with a purple and pink sunset in the background.


Summer Anthems You Didn’t Know You Needed

By Stephanie Giannuzzi Music Journalist Living in Austin, Texas, summer is always an anticipated time of the year and it is time to embrace the heat and finally go outside to enjoy ourselves. This season brings out the best kind of experiences because of the weather forcing us to either be at the lake, the pool, around nature, or be around our favorite people. There is nothing like a perfect […]

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Throwback Songs You Forget About

By Brandi MitchellWeb Content Contributor Music can whisk us back to a time and place we had long forgotten. From tragic ballads to upbeat celebrations of love, there are a myriad of songs telling the story of human emotion and existence that art always does. As Billy Joel put it in “Piano Man,” “Can you play me a memory? I’m not really sure how it goes//but it’s sad and it’s […]

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The image depicts Elvis Presley as a green zombie, wearing a beaded white jacket and gold glasses. The name Disgraceland is placed below Elvis in capitalized text.


Music Podcasts: The Thing of the Future

By Lexi AshburyMusic Journalist Let’s be real, no matter the topic, us millennials love to pop on a podcast anytime of the day. Guilty as charged! I’m sure we’ve all tried to get a family member or friend to listen to our favorite podcast, which may or may not have gone on without a hitch. In recent years, we have begun to ditch the usual driving playlists for a podcast […]

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Turquoise background with yellow palm trees on the side. Yellow words say “What Makes a Summer Hit?”


What Makes a Summer Hit?

By Caitlin DunnMusic Journalist I have always been curious as to what makes a song a summer song. How can a whole season be comprised into a three-minute song? Like Christmas songs or even the “Happy Birthday” song, great summer songs return to us year after year and never get old; they remind us of summer fun. There are multiple components that make up a summertime classic such as the […]

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How To Write A Song

By Brent Ramirez Blog Content Contributor Everyone loves some type of music, and chances are certain songs can make people feel certain ways. The combination of musical composition and lyrics can be life-changing and thought provoking, bringing out our innermost thoughts and feelings into song. Other songs are feel good songs that get you in a better mood, or make you want to dance. No matter what a song makes […]

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Endless Summer: Float Edition (Playlist)

By KTSW Music Staff Soak up some San Marcos sun and crank up this Spotify playlist filled with handpicked summer tunes from your KTSW Music Staff! Endless Summer: Float Edition is best paired with an inflatable tube, the sweet smells of sun screen, and a group of your best friends floating along the San Marcos river. This 45 minute playlist is jam packed with lighthearted and upbeat tracks that will even get […]

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