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Summer’s End: Last Chance for Perfect Love

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By Jimmy Preston
KTSW Web Content Contributor

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Photo By: Jimmy Preston
Photo By: Jimmy Preston

The mass migration of students returning to their respective colleges has begun. The stress of going back to school can be dwarfed at times by the separation of one from his/her loved one back home. Love is beautiful. Love can also be an incredibly destructive force which can literally suck the soul out of a person if they aren’t careful. How one handles their “relationship business” can have a major impact on his/her mental well-being and can ultimately affect their final grades at the end of the semester. This can be a very confusing time in a student’s life, you just had the best summer, spent hand-in-hand with your sweetheart, but it’s all coming to an end. Either the two of you are attending different schools; one of you is joining the circus; or her father is moving the family to Guam to farm whale vomit, how you remember this relationship years from now will be determined by how or if you say goodbye for the summer.

What many people fail to realize is that the only love that can last forever, is a “perfect love.” Perfect love is not a new concept. We are all familiar with, “love at first sigh,” and we are equally familiar with the idea of “til death do us part.” The idea of perfect love is a marriage of these two concepts, without the death thing(I have to say that for legal reasons). Perfect love can be attained by anyone, at anytime. You may have been in a perfect love and you didn’t even know it.

I had my first perfect love in 7th grade at church summer camp, and my most recent perfect love was on a four-hour layover spent in a Denver airport. Perfect love is the best, you know exactly when it began, and very soon after you learn of when it is going to end.

Perfect Love Scenarios

Fall in Love + Love each other forever = Perfect Love

Fall in Love + Find out it will never work = Perfect Love

Sometimes you can be with the perfect person, at the absolute wrong time. It can happen so fast that you can accidentally miss it. You lock eyes, you exchange pleasantries, and then you learn that you live in different cities, or that she just signed a lease in Tibet, or you are both on vacation and will return home at the end of the week. Some would lament over “what could have been,” or even try to make plans to extend the love past the already determined expiration date. Don’t make this mistake.

Let the love happen. Use the expiration date as the spark to send your love into the highest realms of the love stratosphere. You are in “perfect love,” so live it out until the very last-minute. One thing I may have failed to mention, is that you discuss this with the other person in your love cocktail. Open communication is important in any relationship, even if it is only going to last a week. Discuss the fact that your attraction has brought you together, and through the hours of open and honest communication, and maybe a little necking you have formed a bond that could traverse the universe. But it is going to end, so why waste the week worrying about it, live it.

The goodbye should be easy. You simply thank each other for being vulnerable to open your hearts and let each other in. A goodbye hug and kiss, and you walk away, and do not turn back. The memory of the perfect love with live forever in your heart, and those memories will guide you like a compass to your next, perfect love.

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