Lolawolf, everyf*ckinday

By: Taryn Peters

Rap Music Reviewer


Artist: Lolawolf

Album: everyf*ckinday

Release Date: June 23, 2015


As the follow-up to their debut project Calm Down, Lolawolf provides a collection of fly, fresh and off-beat songs that are perfect for a summer hangout playlist, or for “every-day” activities with their latest mixtape everyf*ckinday. It was made for being played at ridiculous volumes in a vehicle and eliciting mindless head nods with the tracks’ infectious bass lines. Band members Zoë Kravitz, Jimmy Giannopoulos and James Levy have contributed more enjoyable tunes to an already amazing summer for music.

Jerky, electronic keys and thumping trap-like bass serve as the foundation for a handful of the songs while Zoë Kravitz slurs out lyrics that sound a lot like the wild, unfiltered thoughts of many teens and twenty-somethings. On the title track, Kravitz sings “every f*ckin’ day, I think of you… I mean you gotta be curious… What you think of me?”, saying what has pretty much ran through anyone’s mind who’s had a serious crush. The second track “House Key” takes place after the honeymoon phase of a young relationship, when a couple has their first big fight. “Go ahead and say we’re through/I don’t care, I’ll just get another you” Kravitz taunts as she demands her lover to give back the key to her abode.

“Real4U” is a much more chill song compared to the others on the project with ominous keyboard tones backing the track, but the kicking snare and hyped chanting of Kravitz easily keeps the song in the same realm as the others. However, the speed picks back up with “Normally I Get It” as the singer has another possible crush or interest. She sings “I got my mind on this man, keep me up all night” before the beat drops hard into another flurry of lyrical thought.

At times, Lolawolf’s beats are jarred in the middle of verses and take on different sounds and vibes as if their train of thought comes to a screeching halt and jumps the railroad tracks.

Along with the quirky storytelling, the twists, turns and snappy tempo changes are what make everyf*ckinday an interesting project.

Although many people probably don’t live the life that the members of Lolawolf may live, Lolawolf still manages to establish a connection with listeners by singing about common and relatable situations. That mixed with the simplistic, Lil’ Jon snap era-like production is the perfect concoction for college-aged folks.

It may be a bit weird at first, but I recommend you check out Lolawolf’s tumblr, where you can download everyf*ckinday for free, and allow the music to grow on you too.

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