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todaySeptember 16, 2015

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Chelsea Moran
Blog Content Contributor

dry erase calendar
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So if you’re anything like me, staying organized can be a major struggle. I always feel like organizing everything to a Pinterest worthy standard takes too much time that I don’t have, but I recently discovered the exact opposite to be true. Having a proper place for each specific item saves me time because I’m not running around my apartment in search of it and I’m actually less stressed because when I remember to put said item back in its designated area my room stays clean. So what are some ways you can stay organized? Check out these tips…

  1.     Command hooks in cabinets

Putting command hooks on the inside of your bathroom cabinets is a great way to store straighteners and curling irons. Just wrap the cord into a loop and hang it up, this also means you don’t have to wait forever for the hot tool to cool down because the cord isn’t wrapped around it and it’s not in drawer touching other stuff.

  1.     DIY drawer dividers

Measure out the drawer you want a put divider in and cut out those measurements from a cardboard box. You can decorate the cardboard strips to give the drawer a little pizazz and glue the sides with hot glue to the inside of the drawer. If you ever want to remove the board, hot glue is easy to remove. Now you can have a slot for pens, pencils, sticky notes, etc.

  1.     Pop up Squares

Organizing isn’t just a way to keep things tidy it‘s a way to save space. Having pop up squares to store things like blankets, books, winter clothes, etc. can be a great way to organize the top shelf of any closet or even a book shelf. They’re also affordable, you can find them at Dollar Tree in various patterns and colors.

  1. Dry Erase Calendar

Many of us fail to use planners to write down all the task we need to accomplish everyday. A dry erase calendar can be a great and fun way to keep track of your schedule, homework assignments, and events. You can keep it colorful, put fun magnets on it, draw pictures in the side margins, and hang it up in your room in a place you’re forced to look everyday so you never forget what’s going on in your life.

  1. Charging Station

having cords all over the place when you’re trying to get stuff done can be super annoying, so instead of leaving all those charger and extension cords free to tangle, store them in a charging station. Take an old shoe box and decorate however you choose. Cut a thin slit one side of the box to stick an extension cord through. Cut out 4 – 6 quarter size holes on the box lid in a straight row. Place extension with chargers plugged into into inside box and plug into wall. Pull the end of each charger through a hole in the box lid and close. Now your devices can be neatly charged and you can pull out as much of the cord as want or stuff it back into the box so it’s not going everywhere.

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todaySeptember 16, 2015

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