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Image of two spray bottles and two mason jars filled with rosewater with the sky in the background


DIY Rose, Aloe & Sea Salt Water

By Rachael GerronWeb Content Contributor If you were on Tumblr in the 2010s, you might remember the chokehold Mario Badescu products had teenage girls in. You could find these pastel bottles strategically displayed in every Urban Outfitters and we went crazy for them. One of their most popular products was a rosewater facial spray, which claimed to hydrate and revive skin. However, consumers found that it actually had fragrances and […]

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Photo of strawberries, blackberries, kiwi and coconut water in a bowl with the words “nature’s cereal” around it

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Trying Tik-Tok’s Viral Nature’s Cereal Recipe

By Rachael GerronAssistant Web Content Manager I don’t know what side of Tik-Tok I've been on for the last month, but I am just now finding out about Tik-Tok’s viral breakfast— “nature’s cereal.” The recipe for nature’s cereal originated from the Tik-Tok account, @natures_food. Creator, Sherwayne Mears, combined pomegranate seeds, blackberries and blueberries in a bowl and poured over fresh coconut water straight from the fruit. The original video has […]

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An orange background with a black and white basket filled with goodies and a black spider hanging from the top of the image


Everything you need for a Spooky Basket

By Paige GreeneAssistant Web Content Manager With Halloween slowly closing in, the yearly trend of “spooky baskets” is coming back. Every year, couples and friends give each other Halloween baskets filled with little Halloween themed presents that spark envy on social media. If gift-giving is not your forte, below is a list of Halloween goodies that are essential to any Spooky Basket. A Bucket Choose a basket that best fits […]

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A close-up picture of four toothbrushes line up horizontally on a yellow backdrop. The 2nd brush from the left has a small fly on it.


The Paranoyds: Carnage Bargain Review

By Ralph DavidMusic Journalist Artist: The Paranoyds Album: Carnage Bargain Release Date: Sept. 13, 2019 (Suicide Squeeze Records)  Website: Genre: Garage Rock/Punk Hailing from Los Angeles, The Paranoyds are a well-established DIY band that combines garage rock with an interesting approach to lyrics to create a unique style all their own. The band signed with Suicide Squeeze Records in April after a releasing a series of EPs on Bandcamp. […]

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Keeping an Eye on DIY

By Cheyenne Young Music Journalist The do-it-yourself (DIY) ideology is one that dates back to 1970’s punk culture. Punk rock bands began recording demos in their bedrooms, producing their music independently and giving a middle finger to the system that has controlled numbers of groups/artists throughout history. The DIY scene has been present ever since but in recent years DIY seems to be taking over the industry, bringing labels, bands […]

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DIY Natural Oil Facial Cleanser

By Alexandra Cochran Blog Content Contributor Hey guys! Thanks for checking out another post of mine. This time I decided to share my personal oil cleanser because it has changed my skin dramatically for the best – no more little bumps, less irritation, and overall moisturized, clean and healthy looking skin. I purchased most of these items at HEB and some of them from Thrive Market. Thrive is free for […]

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DIY: Assemble a Skateboard

By Cain Hernandez Blog Content Contributor In light of the 13th annual Jonathan Broderick Memorial Skate Contest that was held a few weeks ago, I thought I would write a blog post informing you how to assemble your very own skateboard. Even if you’ve never stepped foot on a board, it’s never too late to try something new. Without further ado, here is a step by step guide on assembling […]

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dry erase calendar

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Organization Hacks

Chelsea Moran Blog Content Contributor So if you’re anything like me, staying organized can be a major struggle. I always feel like organizing everything to a Pinterest worthy standard takes too much time that I don’t have, but I recently discovered the exact opposite to be true. Having a proper place for each specific item saves me time because I’m not running around my apartment in search of it and […]

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