Campus Master Plan Committee Anticipates Student Feedback

Carlos Marquez
Senior Reporter


Image 1

The Campus Master Plan committee held two Open House events Thursday January 21, where they received input from students, staff and faculty.

The consulting team that the committee partners with were present at the event, taking questions and  discussing possible fixes to campus structure.

The university only completes a new master plan every 10 years, and use the plans to  address facility issues, identify  needs, consider land acquisitions and discuss parking and building renovations.

The Campus Master Plan Committee were pleased with the turnout of the sessions, where Smith Group JJR Campus Planner Doug Kozma says that the issues were thoroughly discussed and that the committee is looking forward to addressing issues that are important to students.

“There was a lot of conversation today about student life and the amenities for the student’s on campus,” Kozma said. “Positive comments about the need for more gathering spaces on campus, places to frankly hang out between classes. There was a very robust conversation about mobility, transportation which includes buses and shuttles, cars, bikes, pedestrians, etcetera. We’re learning a lot about what’s working well and what’s not working well and that’s what the master plan should do, is begin to address all of these issues in totality.”

The committee gathered useful information from the sessions and is planning another visit towards the end of February.

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