Comforter: To-Go Review

By Kendra Sells
Local Music Reviewer

ComforterArtist: Comforter
Album: To-Go
Release Date: June 15, 2015

Comforter is a self-proclaimed  “ambient pedestrian-pop” band. Perhaps that’s what you’d describe surf-pop influences coming from Austin, Texas where there’s no where to surf. I think the term “cyclist-pop” could be a more fitting description. This cheeky 4-piece released their first full length album To-Go, a coming together of the style they had been striving for since they first met on Craigslist and released their Extra Pure EP. Their traditional choice of instrumentation  (guitars, drums, bass, vocals and keys) sets the bar high in terms of creating something fresh and distinctive, yet the album does little to separate Comforter from many other pedestrian-surf bands. It becomes easy for such bands to slip through the cracks when they’re only playing the game opposed to changing the game.

However, To-Go is a well constructed album. It is energetic, dancey and bright. The band’s sound is developing and becoming more true to their own. Extra Pure featured less decorative guitar, and most moving lines were vocals, but To-Go features more advanced musicianship. The music provides for a blissful, upbeat and carefree vibe, yet there’s not much that screams, “this is Comforter.” Although, with the growth shown from Extra Pure to To-Go, Comforter expresses the ability of mobility and the future is only time to keep creating what’s distinct to them.

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