The San Antonio Taft Raiders Outlast the San Marcos Rattlers 35 to 38

By Parker Rhea
Sports Reporter

The Rattlers fall to 1-3 as they put up a fight up until the end against a big physical San Antonio Taft team, led by their running back, Justin Stevenson, and huge offensive line.

The Raiders and Rattlers traded blows the whole first half, finishing the half with Taft up 28-21 over the Rattlers. When the second half began, it was looking like Taft was going to get some rare separation from the hard-fighting Rattlers, and they did go up by 10 38-28 late in the game. There was still time on the clock, however, and the Rattlers still had some fight left.

Stevenson got his knee a little nicked up on one of the drives in the middle of the fourth. That just about marked the end of a great game for Stevenson, and the Raiders were feeling pretty confident with that 10-point lead.

The Rattlers just wanted to give them one last scare as they made things interesting with late game heroics. Tyler Moreno launched one to Cross Cuevas, and he came down with it for a score. That was with about two minutes left, so the Rattlers had to go for the onside kick. They came up short, however, as they ultimately could not recover the football. The Rattlers play San Antonio McCollum in San Antonio, and that game will start at 7:30 p.m. next Friday, September 23.

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