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5 Things to Consider When It’s Time to Study

todayOctober 11, 2016 3

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By Kimberly Garcia
Blog Content Contributor

1. Your notes

If your class notes are not the best, you should think about different techniques you can use during class. Sometimes it might help to print out materials the professor offers beforehand. Filling in the notes already printed out with details that are mentioned in class will help later when you look over them. It might also help to highlight the most important details when you’re reviewing them.

2. What you’re studying

Most people wouldn’t study math by reading the chapter, they might complete practice problems. Students may read chapters differently than others. The subject you are studying has a large impact on how you study. For one subject you might need to read the text a few times in order to understand the subjects for other materials you might have to read and practice the concepts by working on problems. You should consider what works best for you and the subject you are studying.

3. Who you’re with

Using different colors can help you focus on main ideas from your notes. Photo by Kimberly Garcia

Sometimes study groups are the best, other times, not so much. Having people in your group who want to talk about anything but the material probably won’t help in the goal to do well in school. If everyone in your group is there to work toward a common goal of earning good grades, then a study group could be helpful. Study groups are good to be a part of even if you understand the material because if someone doesn’t understand a concept, then explaining it to them will also help you review.

4. Where you’re at

Being in the right mindset when its tie to study is important. The environment you are in plays a major role in helping you prepare to study. Some people enjoy studying in areas where people are talking, like a restaurant. Others prefer studying in coffee shops where there is quiet music playing. It all depends on personal preference, but studying in places where you’re most comfortable is the most important. If you can’t study because of your surroundings, it may be time to change the environment.

5. How much sleep you’ve had

If you try to study and you’ve only had a couple of hours of sleep, the material you’re reviewing may be forgotten later. There is no point in studying if you haven’t had enough sleep. It is important to be well rested when you begin studying because it will increase your ability to retain the information you are looking over. If you know you haven’t had a good night’s rest, then you should consider taking a short nap. When you wake up you will be a little more alert which can make a difference in how effective your study session is.

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