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A view of a library stacks leading to an open, unoccupied area of wooden tables with desk chairs. Outside of a floor to ceiling window is a view of the Texas State University campus featuring Old Main with a blue sky and large clouds.


What Does It Mean to Get the “College Experience?”

By Celeste Parler Web Content Contributor To me, the phrase “college experience” has always been a loaded one. It means so much and yet no one can clearly define everything that entails. The best way to describe the college experience would be to consider what movies and TV shows make out college to be. You imagine always going out to parties, being with friends, meeting attractive people and from time […]

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Photo is taken from a high window. In the window, there are curvy wooden lines. What is outside the window is a bird’s eye view of Texas State University. There are a lot of trees and buildings with red rooftops. In the middle of the view is a large university building with cream-colored bricks and a red rooftop. Behind that building is a tall apartment building that is white with yellow squares on the left side of it and windows spaced out throughout the building. The sky in the picture is very cloudy and grey but there is some sunlight peeking out of the clouds.


Best Study Spots on Campus

By Mikayla Anding Web Content Contributor In-person classes mean staying on campus almost all day with breaks to study. If you’re like me, you enjoy finding new spots to study to change it up occasionally. Our campus is huge and there are plenty of little nooks and areas to study that you may not have tried or even heard of.  I asked around to my friends what their favorite places […]

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Shiloh Dynasty: The Vibe that has defined my college learning “I’m not a look, I’m a feeling”


Shiloh Dynasty: The Vibe that has Defined My College Learning

By Jason ArlineMusic Journalist Whenever there has been a time when I needed to study I often play music softly in the background to help calm my mood and prepare my mind for learning. I find that both jazz and lo-fi music allow room for thought since they usually don’t have lyrics in their songs. However, since studying usually takes hours of my time, most music playlists don’t last the […]

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Back to School Broadcast

B2SB: Study Resources and Help for Texas State Students

By Stacey RamirezWeb Content Contributor SLAC (Student Learning Assistance Center) One of the biggest mistakes incoming freshmen can make is believing college will be like high school and they can get by without any studying and tutoring. But for many new students, college courses can be a rude awakening and students soon learn that they’ll need to seek help if they're struggling in a class. Thankfully SLAC is a resource […]

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A desk is illuminated by a desk lamp; sitting atop the desk is a college text book and an issue of the University Star.


Buffer the Grind

By Ashton HermanWeb Content Contributor The semester may be nearly halfway done, but that’s no excuse to avoid improving your work ethic! If you need a quick refresher, or are new to the relentless grind of college, take a quick read through these tips on bettering your scholastic performance. 1. Get Some Sleep. While it was cool in middle school to stay up past midnight, not getting enough sleep can […]

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Autumn is here.

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Take Notes, Bobcats

By Lauren Jurgemeyer Blog Content Contributor Fall is nearly in here! As of September 23rd, Autumn has begun. The recent rain storms have brought in a cold front that is making the days far more enjoyable. It won’t be long now, Bobcats, until it begins to smell like pumpkin spice and the winter holiday decorations go up on stores. For most of us though, the beginning of Autumn means the […]

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Back to School Broadcast

An Inside Look at the Dean’s List

By Hannah Wisterman Blog Content Contributor We’re officially one week out from starting classes, and my, what a magical time. The start of a new semester is like turning to a clean page, full of new opportunities. Come that exciting Monday morning, we’ll all take another step forward in our education—and I, personally, will be going full, viciously competitive beast mode. I’m currently sitting on the Dean’s List, and I […]

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The Sleepy Bird

By Maria Martinez Blog Content Contributor Is it really true that the early bird gets the worm? Honestly, I don’t think this is always the case. I have never been a morning person, and I don’t think I will ever be. I believe 8:00 a.m. classes should be banned from all schools since brains don’t even work “well" at that time. It is not that I am lazy, but I […]

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Why Sleep Should Be a Priority

By Kimberly Garcia Blog Content Contributor Sleep is one of the most important human needs. Oddly enough most people don’t get enough of it, especially college students. Between studying for classes, working and trying to keep up a social life, sleep is almost always put on the back burner. Students should consider sleep as important as eating. Skipping out on sleep can be harmful to your GPA and your skin. […]

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