Why Sleep Should Be a Priority

By Kimberly Garcia
Blog Content Contributor

Sleep is one of the most important human needs. Oddly enough most people don’t get enough of it, especially college students. Between studying for classes, working and trying to keep up a social life, sleep is almost always put on the back burner. Students should consider sleep as important as eating.

Skipping out on sleep can be harmful to your GPA and your skin. If you find yourself pulling all-nighters before every test, this can actually set you up to do poorly and get a lower score. Getting enough sleep before a test is more helpful because you’ll be able to remember content and focus on your test better. Sure, you may not know all the answers, but having your sleep is important for you to be able to do your best. It’s more likely that  concentration will take you further on your test than a sleepless night of studying.

Having an inviting bed can help your body get ready for a good night’s sleep. Photo by Kimberly Garcia.

If you notice that your skin has had a few more breakouts than before, it could be because you aren’t sleeping enough. Not getting enough sleep means that your skin doesn’t get the rest it needs in order to stay healthy and clear. Late nights on Netflix are also harmful because of the light your computer emits. Your body thinks that it still needs to be alert when it is exposed to lights from electronic devices. Throwing off your sleep cycle  decreases the quality of sleep that you get during the night.

If you know that you haven’t had enough sleep, don’t be afraid to take a cat nap during the day so you can be alert for the afternoon. Humans naturally feel sluggish between 2-3 p.m.. This is prime nap time for you to take advantage of. Although it may seem like you have no time for sleep, just remember that your body needs to recharge in order to stay productive and healthy.

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