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Staying Safe at Parties

todayDecember 1, 2016 11

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By Alisa Pierce
Blog Content Contributor

The college party culture is hard to avoid, especially around the holidays. Going to parties can be a cool way to meet new people and have a good time, but not at the expense of your safety. If you’re going out this weekend, follow these tips on how to stay safe.

Go With A Group

Partying with a large group might mean keeping up with more people, but it also means more people will know where you are. It’s harder to get separated or stay lost whenever you go with a lot of people. It is also harder for someone to isolate you away from a large group, because more eyes will be on you and more people will notice that you’re gone.

safepartingpratices2withwordsSpace Drinks Out

If you decide to drink, take time to sober up a little. Space your drinks out to make sure you’re not drinking too much at one time. Drinking water or eating a snack in between alcoholic beverages can also help. It might be tempting to get super drunk, but not having control of yourself and your actions, or getting alcohol poisoning, can have serious, possibly fatal consequences.

Find a Designated Driver

This is extremely important. Finding a designated driver can literally be a life or death decision. Driving drunk, or getting in the car with someone who is, can end disastrously. Remember, every two minutes someone is injured or killed in a drunk driving incident. Finding a sober friend or uber to pick you up can save your life.

Stay With Friends

If your friend is more drunk than you are, then you need to stay with them. I don’t care if there’s a cute guy or girl inviting you back to your place, or if you’re tired, or even if you’re angry with your friends. If someone you care about is inebriated and you leave them, anything could happen. Who knows what kind of people are at the same party you are? Leaving them drunk could mean that someone could take advantage of them, or that something bad could happen to them. Always make sure that your friends get home safely.

Pour Your Own Drinks

There are people in this world that will not hesitate to drug people at parties. If someone hands you a drink that you didn’t open or pour yourself, there’s always a chance they could have slipped something in. Stay safe and try to bring your own drinks or pour them yourself.

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