The Power of Daily Habits

By Jourdan Bazley
Blog Content Contributor

CEOs and Chairmen of companies frequently speak on essential daily habits that allow for greater success. After some research, I gathered some of the most helpful habits that you should work into your daily life and mental routine to help guide you to a more meaningful and successful purpose.

Waking up before 6 a.m. has plenty of major benefits. Important things to note about getting up before the sun is the amount of day that you have ahead of you to work and achieve, the beautiful sunrise that you can see on that morning run and 10 p.m. when you get to sink back into sleep. No really, early mornings allow for better sleep at night. They also increase your productivity, make for a better mental state and give you some valuable quiet time to gather your thoughts and get a head start on your list of endeavors.

Running up stairs is a great source of cardio and its free! Photo by Austin Cowan.
Running up stairs is a great source of cardio and its free! Photo by Austin Cowan.

Working out daily can give your mind its energizing push to function well throughout the entire day. Giving your body useful nutrients will allow it to run with energy and purpose. Overall health can better your physical appearance and increase dopamine, which is the neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of pleasure and happiness.

Prioritizing your time and organizing your settings will give you an upper hand. Take what you need to do and learn how to finish them in a timely manner. Your ability to be responsible, reliable and qualified depends on how you manage yourself and your time. Do not jeopardize your success by failing to manage the one thing that life takes but never gives back: time.

Choose to expand your mind in all aspects of your capability by seeking to learn. Growing insight and expanding your views will lead you to success and growth both personally and worldly. The fun part about learning is that your interests expand and you are better able to gain power. “Knowledge is power.”

Everyday that you wake up, you should implement habits into your routine that will better your chances of success. There are many aspect of life that you can take control of and make-work in your favor. As you find a routine that works for you, you will begin to see a beneficial shift towards your future.

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