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Quick Lower Body Workouts for the Busy Student

todayJanuary 17, 2017 19

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By Janessa Rutiaga
Blog Content Contributor

We all understand that being a student in college is quite difficult. A lot of us juggle our class work with clubs, organizations, work, social lives, etc. and sometimes other aspects of our lives will fall. If we had more hours in the day, it would be possible for us to have it all together and manage everything perfectly, but that isn’t the case. In my aspect, it was my workouts that just went out the window. I felt like I had no time for it, and the days that I did I felt like I was too tired or had too much work to do. Once I convinced myself that walking around campus wasn’t considered a workout, I started doing quick workouts at home between study breaks, before bed and after waking up, or whenever I felt I needed to get my blood moving. Here are some of the best lower body workouts you can do if you’re short for time.

Photo by Janessa Rutiaga. It’s important to do a proper squat.


I feel like squats are totally underrated. There are so many different variations of them that you’ll always get a good workout. To do basic squats, you stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder length apart. Then you simply squat down until your knees make a 90-degree angle. The great thing about squats is that you can get a good workout by just doing a high amount, or you can carry a bit of weight on you to make it tougher. If you feel like you get tired of doing basic squats, then you can always look up different variations of them to make it better for you.


Lunges are my absolute favorite workout because they work so well, and they always leave me sore. You can do stationary lunges (staying in the same spot) or you can walk while doing them to make it a little easier. You start a lunge with your feet together and then stepping forward with your left leg, and basically squatting down in a split position. Your right knee should be almost kneeling on the floor, but not quite. Then simply push yourself back up, and alternate with the next leg. I like to do my lunges as I’m walking because I feel like it’s a better workout, but I know a lot of students can be limited on space. I also will sometimes carry textbooks over my head to give myself that extra weight.


Burpees were probably created by Satan himself because they’re terrible and I hate them, but they’re also a great lower body and full body workout. These are almost guaranteed to leave you breathless and regretting all those late-night tacos. You start a burpee by standing up and jumping, when you come down from the jump you go into a squat, then lower yourself onto the floor in a pushup position. After the pushup, simply jump back to your feet and your first burpee is done. I loathe burpees, but they get the job done well. I don’t think there are any variations to a burpee, but they’re tough enough to keep you going for a while!

We all know how important it is to be active, but I know a lot of us are guilty of putting it on the back burner and prioritizing other things instead. That’s completely understandable, and I understand the feeling of not having time for anything. That’s why I started doing these from home. They’re easy and only last as long as I need them too. Our bodies do a whole lot for us, so we should learn to start repaying the favor.

Featured image by Janessa Rutiaga.

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