Enjoy Your Spring Break

By Allison L. Johnson
Blog Content Contributor

If this semester flies by as fast as last semester did, Spring Break will be here in five minutes. There’s so much you could do for an entire week! You could go about Spring Break in two ways. Staying close to home or traveling. South by Southwest (SXSW), for instance, will be held in Austin, Texas and will last from March 10th to the 19th.  For an entire week you could attend a variety of events in four categories: interactive, film, music, and comedy.

SXSW will feature a variety of events such as keynote speakers and music performances. Illustration by Joseph Bonney.

You could see a variety of speakers that will talk about anything from starting up a business, to innovations in today’s media. President Barack Obama and First lady Michelle Obama were keynote speakers last year. SXSW also screens world premieres of many films in multiple genres such as drama, comedy, and documentary. Seth Rogen’s Sausage Party debuted at SXSW last year, for example. Expect a lot of music! You will see a many bands you’ve never heard of and a few familiar ones. At SXSW in 2011, The Strokes and Bright Eyes did free shows. Keep in mind some events require a badge, so sign up for SXSW’s newsletter to keep up with a list of free shows and events. If you’re into stand-up comedy, this is place for you too! SXSW has had a lot of comedians you see on Comedy Central. Noteworthy comedians who have attended include Todd Glass and Natasha Leggero. Talk show hosts also attend, such as Chris Hardwick from @midnight and Talking Dead. SXSW would be a perfect opportunity to enjoy your creative side and explore Austin with friends.

Another option is going to a beach. South Padre Island, Texas might be a long drive for Texas State students since we’re about five hours away from the beach, but it is a fun location to visit nonetheless. If you plan on going this route, it’s definitely best to get a huge group of friends together to lower the cost of the trip. The more people you have, the more money you’ll save on gas and lodging. Right now is the time to start planning and saving up. Figure out who wants to drive and how high the cost of the condo or beach house would be after splitting it up between your friends. If you worked a lot in 2016 you can most likely afford it, especially if you take a portion of your tax return and put it towards your Spring Break plans. Treat yourself! You definitely will deserve it after working hard in class for 2 months.

Classes at Texas State do not meet March 12th, so start your break on the 10th. Make arrangements to have a few days off work. Have something to look forward to this March. Make memories with the people you love, but most importantly, please be safe. We want to see you return back to school after a fun week off!

Feature illustration by Joseph Bonney.

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